Our research informed programming supports grad students, postdocs, PhDs, and faculty interested in non-faculty careers.

Beyond the Professoriate is the only online Career Training Platform for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and PhDs that helps you successfully move through the 4 stages of career transition. This research-driven platform is informed by nearly a decade of experience supporting PhDs to launch new careers with their skills and training. 

Beyond the Professoriate’s Career Training Platform offers an academic job market stream in addition to a non-academic job market stream. We recommend you email us to find out if your institution is subscribed prior to purchasing individual access. 

Job Search the Smart Way

Did you know? 67% of graduate students and PhDs feel they lack the professional development they need for non-academic jobs. 

Listen to the podcast for tips and strategies on launching your next great career.

Career Training Platform

Beyond Prof’s platform gives graduate students and PhDs the skills, strategy, and confidence they need for a successful career in academia or beyond.

We recommend you email us to find out if your institution is subscribed prior to purchasing. 

What people are saying about Beyond Prof programming

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do with Beyond the Prof... Your advice has helped me to get 2 job offers, and I'll be accepting one of them later this week... This process ended up being so much easier than expected, and it's all due to the lessons I learned from Beyond the Prof!
Individual Member
I’d been in transition for years--first to leave the professoriate and then to join the corporate world--before joining Beyond the Professoriate, with little success. What I appreciate the most about BP is the community of individuals who are at different stages of their academic careers working toward the same goal and supporting one another. Knowing you are not alone in a difficult transition is empowering, and BP is a friendly space to get that much needed support, both practical and emotional.
Ping-Yuan Wang, PhD
Beyond the Professoriate has provided a valuable resource to the growing community of practitioners who support graduate professional development and career exploration. Aurora in particular has been impactful on our campus, allowing us to support our doctoral students in their career exploration in ways otherwise not possible.
Institutional Partner
Beyond the Professoriate helped me understand how others, who left academia, navigated their paths. It also provided concrete, extremely useful advice for the postac job search. The biggest thing it has done for me is to make me feel more confident about my skills and abilities, and show me that I don't have to be afraid of what comes next. In fact, it has shown me how exciting and fun this whole thing can be, instead of terrifying!
Marieke Krijnen, PhD
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