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Our research informed programming supports grad students, postdocs, PhDs, and faculty interested in non-faculty careers.

Did you know? 67% of graduate students and PhDs feel they lack the professional development they need for non-academic jobs.

Access the mentorship and advising you need by working with Dr. L Maren Wood, founder of Beyond the Professoriate.

Over the past 7 years, Dr. Wood has mentored and advised 100s of PhDs who are in career transition. She has worked with faculty (contingent and tenure track), postdocs, and graduate students, from all academic disciplines.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to receive personalized guidance on your job search, and receive the guidance you need to move forward in your job search.

Know Your Options | Course

Our research shows that the majority of graduate students and PhDs feel that they lack career options. But we know that isn’t true! PhDs work wherever smart people are needed, leveraging their education and talents to build a better world. 

This self-paced course will help you identify your most marketable skills for a nonacademic career. In 30 days, you’ll walk away with the confidence of knowing that you have many career options. 

Evaluate Your Best Opportunities | Course

Since 2017, Beyond the Professoriate has interviewed and surveyed hundreds of PhDs who now work outside of academia. Through this research, we have identified the process PhDs follow to successfully transition from academia to the professional workforce. 

In 60 days, you’ll learn proven job search strategies that will help you find a job you’ll love. 

Resumes and LinkedIn Advising

Does your LinkedIn Profile need work? Are you struggling to convert a CV into a resume? Work with our specialist to define and articulate your unique value that make you stand out.

Academic Career Support

We want every PhD to feel supported in their career pathway, which is why we’ve partnered with experts who can help you be successful in your academic career. Take our on-demand course or work with our academic advisors. 

Grant and Fellowship Applications

You know the value and impact your research has, but how do you communicate that in a grant or fellowship application? Work with our specialist to effectively communicate the importance of your scholarship to reviewers. 

Academic Job Market Document Editing​

The academic job market is more competitive than ever. Work with our specialist to develop an application package that will make you stand out to hiring committees, prepare for interviews, and negotiate your job documents. 

How to Apply for Academic Jobs Self-Paced Course

Are you looking for expert guidance in your academic job search? Take our five-unit course designed to help graduate students and PhDs apply for faculty jobs. Seminars are taught by leading specialists from top universities across North America.

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