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Beyond the Professoriate is the only online professional development training platform for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and PhDs that helps them successfully transition into academic or nonacademic careers. This research-driven platform is informed by nearly a decade of experience supporting PhDs to launch new careers with their skills and training.


Trusted by over 45 institutions (and growing), Beyond Prof’s Career Training Platform helps grad students and PhDs leverage their education into meaningful careers, whether in academia or beyond the professoriate.

PhDs are struggling to launch meaningful careers

Doctoral students pursue advanced degrees to build ACADEMIC careers. Yet most will end up in nonacademic positions.

53% worry that work & life will have less meaning outside academia.

89% cannot identify their value for nonacademic careers.

34% of PhDs are underemployed.

When PhDs struggle on the job search and fail to land a meaningful career in academic or beyond, they blame their degree and institution.


But it’s not their education that’s failing them; it’s their lack of job search strategy. They don’t know how to conduct a successful job search and they aren’t finding the support they need.

"It's not their education that's failing them;
it's their lack of job search strategy."


The reputation of an institution and, in turn, its long-term financial stability are directly connected to alumni career success.


PhDs and graduate students need support leveraging their education into career paths they value.


That’s why we partner with 45+ institutions, to provide scalable, research-driven career resources designed for the unique needs and demands of graduate students.

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Career Training Platform

Through our digital platforms, we provide scalable, research-driven career training designed for the unique needs and demands of graduate students.


Beyond Prof’s Career Training Platform helps PhDs explore career options; discover their values and articulate their skillslearn job search strategies through structured curriculum; and secure employment in their field of interest.

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Our alumni are the real heroes.

After many years in academia I'm starting a new industry job tomorrow! I just wanted to send a thank-you for your and Beyond the Professoriate's help to get there.

I've attended a few of your webinars, talked to you on the phone, I did informational interviews and I worked on my resume with Briget. Without these steps, I don't think I would have had the courage and the right tools to actually leave academia.
Associate Director at a pharmaceutical company
I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to the BtP team. After attending the virtual conference this spring, I felt like I had the perspective I needed to move from humanities scholarship into the "regular world".

I finished the fall term as a contingent faculty member, but have started the new year in a writing and research position with an executive search firm. I am massively grateful for the perspectve I gained through BtP. Thanks, all.
Content Marketing Manager
My journey from a scared, anxious, imposter-syndrome-ridden visiting faculty member to a much more confident enthusiastic user experience research would not have been possible without Maren’s expert advice and recommendations; supportive but honest feedback; tailored training on translating my skills and experiences into industry language and documents…. and much, much more.

Thanks to Maren, I've found a job and career field in which I'm constantly challenged ad learning, I'm more fairly compensated, and I'm empowered by the plethora of professional opportunities.

If you're considering careers outside academia, I can't imagine anyone better suited to coach and equip you for that transition than Maren.
UX Researcher
I have been following Beyond the Professoriate and attending seminars lately as my PhD is nearing the end. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and for setting up such a great initiative. I find it really helpful and encouraging. I am still undecided whether I will pursue a career in Academia but I am confident that there are plenty of options for me out there. Thanks to Beyond the Professoriate I am gathering a lot of information... and creating amazing connections.
PhD Candidate
Hi Maren, I just wanted to send you a quick message with a big thank you very much for organizing Beyond the Professoriate!

Before I learned about your company I was a sad and disappointed PhD holder -- now and after following your advice (buying courses, attending webinars) for a year I am finally employed outside of academia and I feel very good about it because I;ve met so many other PhDs (just as you said) and I feel like I am doing useful and valuable work.

I will continue following your organization... but for now, I thank you very much and I should say that what you do does help people like me!
Data Analyst
Among many PhD advisors, the old-school thought that we have to get an academic job after a PhD/postdoc still exists. This leaves many PhD students who don't want to stay in academia, myself included, unsure about how to navigate through the transition. While researching on how to transition from academia to industry, I stumbled upon Beyond the Professoriate and Aurora.

Suffice to say, I was blown away by the comprehensive contents on professional development offered on your platform. The topics covered are spot-on and relevant... I wish I knew about Beyond the Professoriate early on in my graduate career. I think the tools and webinars offered by Aurora are very helpful for many, whether it is a junior graduate student who wants to learn more about time management, or a senior PhD who wants to careers.
PhD subscriber
PhD Student Subscriber
I discovered Beyond Prof back in April 2020 when I was finishing another unsuccessful year on the academic job market and the pandemic had shifted any prospect of a TT job from bad to worse. I was absolutely heartbroken and my dream of becoming a university professor was rapidly turning into a waking nightmare.

During this difficult time, Beyond Prof's content and community provided so much solace. Moreover, they gave me the hope and courage to eventually pursue a different path. After more than a year of soul searching and job searching, I'm so excited to say that I've finally accepted a FT position as a content manager for an ed tech company!

...So thank you, Maren, for all the work that you and the team do!! It really is life-changing for so many PhDs like me.
Content Manager

About Beyond the Professoriate

Beyond the Professoriate’s mission is to empower PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed. To do this, we provide career education and professional development to graduate students and PhDs in humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines. Learn more about our organization, and meet our team here.

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