Where will you take your PhD?

Empowering PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed.

What We Do

Beyond the Professoriate helps grad students and PhDs leverage their education into meaningful careers, whether in academia or beyond. We have resources to support individuals and partner with institutions to help PhDs and grad students land jobs in: Industry, Non-Profit, Higher Education Administration, Faculty, and the Private Sector.

Our Resources

Ready to discover resources that can help you in your job search?
Choose an option below for resources designed specifically for your current situation, whether you are an individual PhD seeking support or a department chair looking to support your PhD students.

For Institutions

Resources to support institutional partners including Career Centers and Graduate Schools.

For Departments

Resources designed to support departments and postdoc offices.


For Individuals

Resources designed to support individual graduate students and PhDs.

A message from founder L. Maren Wood, PhD

Our research shows that PhDs define career success as doing work that has a positive impact on society, keeps them intellectually engaged and inspired, and connects them to people and projects that matter to them. This kind of career and life can be found within academia, and far beyond it.

And that’s why PhDs work everywhere, across all industries and sectors, contributing their talents and skills to benefit society.

Whether you aspire to work on the tenure track or are changing careers entirely after years of academic study, we’re here to help you. Explore our resources or reach out and let us know how we can help you leverage your PhD into a meaningful career.


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About Beyond the Professoriate

Beyond the Professoriate’s mission is to empower PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed. To do this, we provide career education and professional development to graduate students and PhDs in humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines. Learn more about our organization, and meet our team here.

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