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For Individuals

For $9.99/month, join a safe, supportive community of PhDs and graduate students. Members attend live webinars, access forums, rent on-demand videos, and sign-up for group coaching.

For Institutions

Students access on-demand videos to explore career options and learn strategies for career success beyond the professoriate. Available to universities & academic professional associations as an annual subscription.

Advice from PhDs working beyond the professoriate on how you can find your next-great career. Transition Q&As profile PhDs who have successfully transitioned from academia. Recaps of our Community events allow readers to catch up on what they’ve missed.

Bring co-founders Jennifer Polk, PhD, and L. Maren Wood, PhD, to your campus. We provide a range of workshops on exploring career options and preparing for career success beyond the professoriate.

Learn how to launch a successful job search beyond the professoriate with our 7 day course. Every day for a week, receive a link to a unit. Watch short video clips, read articles, and complete exercises and assignments. Totally free. 

Our Research & Innovation series features presentations by faculty, senior leadership and administrators, as well as researchers from academic professional associations. Presenters share their research about career pathways for PhDs, and discuss innovative programs on their campuses that support graduate student career diversity. 

About Beyond the Professoriate

A mission-driven organization that provides career education and professional development for graduate students and PhDs in humanities, social sciences and STEM disciplines who are interested in non-faculty career options. We provide services to individuals, and partner with institutions to support their efforts in empowering students and postdocs.

Our content features PhDs with successful non-academic careers who share their unique expertise and experiences to support graduate students in their job search and future employment. Beyond the Professoriate is career advice by PhDs, for PhDs.

Co-founders Jennifer Polk, PhD (history, University of Toronto), and L. Maren Wood, PhD (history, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), possess first-hand knowledge of the challenges PhDs encounter when they leave academia for careers beyond the professoriate. Maren and Jen have dedicated their careers to helping graduate students and PhDs find success outside of academia.

Beyond the Professoriate runs a blog series for University Affairs and publishes in Inside Higher Ed.

Connect with Jen and Maren on Twitter and LinkedIn, and join them in the Beyond the Professoriate Community.

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