Beyond the Professoriate: The Career Conference for PhDs is for graduate students and recent PhDs from STEM, social sciences, and humanities disciplines. During this two-day online event, attendees will hear from doctoral-degree holders who successfully transitioned to work beyond the professoriate and learn job search strategies from career education professionals. Brought to you by Jennifer Polk (From PhD to Life) and Maren Wood (Lilli Research Group). For information about the 2017 conference, join our mailing list.


NEW! Coaching for Going Beyond the Professoriate.

Work with Jennifer Polk, PhD, From PhD to Life  • L. Maren Wood PhD, Lilli Research Group • Heidi Scott Giusto PhD, Career Path Writing Solutions  in this 10-week program designed for PhDs and graduate students who are preparing, or actively searching, for new careers beyond the professoriate.  

Format:  Each group will include up to 10 PhD or graduate student job seekers from across North America. Sessions will include group coaching, workshop components, Q&A, and discussion, as appropriate. We will emphasize instruction and learning, as well as coaching and support, to help participants plan and implement action. Learn more and sign up here.

We’ll be rolling out other professional development workshops aimed to prepare you for careers beyond the professoriate later this fall.   To stay up to date on our new offerings, join our mailing list.

In the meantime, watch his free webinar Maren & Jen did for Vitae this summer.