Students look to departments for information about careers...

Doctoral students and postdocs look to departments for information about careers. Yet, many faculty feel unprepared to provide the mentorship and support their students and trainees need to be prepared for today’s job market.  

67% of graduate students and PhDs feel they lack the professional development they need for their job search.

Our PhD Career Training platform is uniquely designed to help departments prepare their PhDs for career success. With two programs of study (Faculty Careers and Professional Careers), your doctoral students and postdocs have access to the tools and information they need to make informed decisions and learn successful job search strategies for academic or nonacademic careers.

And great news...
Your students already have access to this one-of-a-kind resource.

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PhDs are struggling to launch careers

Doctoral students and PhDs are struggling to build careers.  76% of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science PhDs, and 34% of STEM PhDs have a negative ROI.  34% of PhDs are underemployed. 

When they fail to land a job in their career field, they blame their department and doubt the value of their degrees. 

But it’s not their education that’s failing them; it’s their lack of job search strategy. They don’t know how to conduct a successful job search because they aren’t finding the support they need from their departments or graduate programs.

I'm not getting any interviews, possibly because I may appear overqualified.

Should I remove my PhD from my resume?

I wish my school had integrated job search skills and an understanding of how to market yourself to employers as part of the degree track.

I have lots of skills that will serve me when I eventually get a job, but no skills for how to attain that job.

I'm not sure what is the best use of my time/effort. Should I network more? Rewrite my resume to land a non-technical job? Should I hire a career coach?

I just need to work. I need to not be unemployed.


The reputation of a graduate program and, in turn, its long-term future, are directly connected to alumni career success.

PhDs need support leveraging their education into career paths they value.

That’s why we partner with 40 institutions (and growing), to provide scalable, research-driven career resources designed for the unique needs and demands of doctoral students.

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How our platforms help PhDs prepare for
career success

Beyond Prof’s Career Training platform helps doctoral students and postdocs explore career optionslearn job search strategies through structured curriculum; and secure employment in their field of interest.

Structured curriculum

Students and postdocs are guided through research-based, structured curriculum to help them through each stage of their job search. Video lessons, workbooks, and assessments help facilitate their learning experience.

Career video library

Our one-of-a-kind video library where students and postdocs can watch interviews with PhD holders working in all career sectors: academic, government, higher ed, industry, and non-profits.

Live events

In addition to the guided video lessons, students have access to monthly live events to receive answers to their questions and stay up-to-date on industry hiring trends.

After completing programming in the Platform students will have:


Confidence in Their Chosen Career Path

When exploring career options, PhDs always ask us, “What exactly can I do with my PhD?” Through our trainings, students will learn how to leverage their education into a new career pathway, so they can get paid for their skills and graduate experience.


The Foundational Framework to Successful Career Transitions

Too often, PhDs submit resumes online and waste time in their job search because they’re relying on failed strategies and outdated advice. Through Beyond Prof, students will learn the step-by-step process of a successful job search.


The Skills to Nail Your Job Documents

Students will learn how to nail their job documents, so they can clearly articulate their value to future employers. 

Students will learn the fundamental differences between applying academic and nonacademic jobs.


Overcome Fear of Career Change

With Beyond Prof’s one-of-a-kind career exploration library, students will leave behind any fears they have about nonacademic careers. They can watch interviews with hundreds of PhDs to gain the perspective they need to confidently launch a nonacademic job search.


The Know How to Engage Employers

By getting clear and recognizing their worth in industry, students will be able to confidently talk to employers in any career sector. The clarity and confidence they gain in their skills will make them strong candidates in their job search. 

What people are saying about Beyond Prof programming

Beyond the Professoriate helped me understand how others, who left academia, navigated their paths. It also provided concrete, extremely useful advice for the postac job search. The biggest thing it has done for me is to make me feel more confident about my skills and abilities, and show me that I don't have to be afraid of what comes next. In fact, it has shown me how exciting and fun this whole thing can be, instead of terrifying!
Marieke Krijnen, PhD
I have attended many of Beyond the Prof's webinars and classes and I am very grateful for your service... I finished my post-doc this week and am starting my career in industry as a Medical Writer next week. I have been recommending Beyond the Prof to all my academic colleagues as I believe your programming was extremely helpful along my path to a job in industry.
Former post-doc, soon-to-be Medical Writer
I’d been in transition for years--first to leave the professoriate and then to join the corporate world--before joining Beyond the Professoriate, with little success. What I appreciate the most about BP is the community of individuals who are at different stages of their academic careers working toward the same goal and supporting one another. Knowing you are not alone in a difficult transition is empowering, and BP is a friendly space to get that much needed support, both practical and emotional.
Ping-Yuan Wang, PhD
Beyond the Professoriate has provided a valuable resource to the growing community of practitioners who support graduate professional development and career exploration. Aurora in particular has been impactful on our campus, allowing us to support our doctoral students in their career exploration in ways otherwise not possible.
Institutional Partner

Prepare Your Graduate Students for Success

Share Beyond the Professoriate resources with your doctoral students and postdocs. By sharing these resources with your students, graduate programs can ensure that their doctoral students and postdocs feel confident about their careers and futures. 

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Typically we share these updates with department chairs, graduate coordinators, or program administrators.

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