How to figure out the next step in your job search

The Assessment to Help You Figure Out
What's Next in Your Job Search

Are you thinking about job options after your PhD?

Maybe you’re curious about nonacademic jobs, but you’re not sure what jobs you could even do, where to start in the job search, or how to prepare for going on the market?

Beyond the Professoriate has designed this career assessment just for you… even if you’re not sure what job you want next.

Take the 5 minute quiz.

Discover 3 steps you should take next in your job search.

Based on hundreds of hours of research, we’ve identified specific stages that every PhD must go through when completing their degree and considering nonacademic job options.

To find out where you are at in the job search process, simply take our free assessment tool.

The tool will help you identify which stage of career exploration or job searching you are at AND provide you with 3 concrete steps to take next.

The PhD isn't the finish line;
it's the START to the career you choose.

Let's get started.

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