Professional Development for PhDs

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Job Searching During COVID-19

Resources for those job searching during these uncertain times.

Careers for PhDs

Hear from PhDs who have made the transition into careers beyond the professoriate. Find out more about post-academic, or “alternative,” career options for PhDs.


Self-Care and Leaving Academia

Making the transition to a postac/altac career can be difficult after so many years in academia. Hear from others who have made the transition, and get some tips on self-care during this time.


Post-ac Job Search

Learn more about the basics of a post-ac job search including self-assessment, career exploration, job search strategies, interviewing, and hiring and negotiating a job offer.


Faculty Career Search

Find the information you need to prepare for faculty careers including strategies for self-care, job market documents, interviewing, and negotiating a job offer.


Resumes and CVs

All about your job search documents. Find out how to identify your transferable skills, as well as write strong professional resumes or academic CVs.



Networking is critical to your post-ac job search. Find out how to use informational interviews, social media, and community building to grow your network.

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