What to Do if You’re Going on the Academic Job Market

What to do if you're going on the Academic Job Market

As we head into academic job market application season, we know there will be much anxiety this year about going on the job market for PhDs who are interested in academic careers.

Join Caleb McKinney PhD, Robert Pearson PhD, and L. Maren Wood PhD (Founder, Beyond the Professoriate) in this conversation on what to do if you’re considering going on the academic job market.

After attending the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify areas where you can prepare for going on the academic job market;
  • Develop strategies of mindfulness and self-compassion when confronting situations of uncertainty;
  • Develop strategies for maintaining professional development during this economic downturn.

About the Panellists

Caleb McKinney, PhD is Assistant Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Training and Development for Biomedical Graduate Education at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Robert Pearson, PhD is Assistant Dean of Professional Development and Career Planning at Emory University.

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