Using ImaginePhD to Find
Your Next Career

Are you thinking about non-academic career options but have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And there are free resources that can help you out.

ImaginePhD is a free tool designed to empower graduate students and postdocs in the Humanities and Social Sciences to explore career options and leverage their training.

In this special webinar, Annie Maxfield, MS (Director, Graduate Career & Professional Development, The University of Texas at Austin) will teach you how to use this interactive tool to explore, plan, and prepare for your career during graduate school and your postdoc so that you can be prepared for your post-PhD career.

Career assessments like ImaginePhD can help you clearly identify your interests, values, and skills, and provide some direction to career fields that might be of interest. Watch the webinar below and get started exploring ImaginePhD!

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