Transition Update:
Peter Konieczny

My first online work – back in 2001 – was creating an academic website for the medieval military historian community. Since then I gradually developed my skills in creating online content, leading to the launch of That website will turn ten years old in 2018, and while it has had its ups and downs, it now does well enough financially that we have been able to bring several new team members on board, including a recent PhD graduate who serves as its day-to-day editor.

I also took on the role of editor of Medieval Warfare magazine – a print publication aimed at both the academic community and the wider public. I kind of view it as coming full-circle from my days learning from medieval military historians – I now get to hire them to write pieces for the magazines, as well as encourage younger scholars to present their research to the wider world.

My two roles – as a magazine editor and website founder – keep me busy enough that I no longer work as a librarian, but the skills I gained from master’s degrees in library studies and history have been instrumental for how I write, organize and manage my tasks. What little time I do have is spent with podcasting and giving seminars to other medievalists on how they can find careers outside of academia.

Peter Konieczny (MA, history; MLA) originally wrote a Transition Q & A in May 2013. Peter was was then editor of, a website he founded and continues to oversee. He is now also editor of Medieval Warfare magazine.

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