The Hiring Process: What You Need to Know as a PhD

L. Maren Wood, PhD and Co-founder of Beyond the Professoriate welcomes Josh Magsam, PhD in the webinar, “The Hiring Process.” Josh has a PhD in English, and is currently Director of Community Success at Discogs. In this webinar Josh shares different stages of the hiring process and what hiring managers are looking for in potential job candidates.

What PhDs Need to Know About the Hiring Process

Hiring is complex but understanding it from an employer’s perspective can help candidates prepare for interviews and what to expect. Candidates must understand that “businesses hire to fill a need,” says Josh. This means that there is a problem within the company that needs addressing and the addition of a new member can solve it.

This also means that the company has a limited amount of money to spend on bringing the right person in. For this reason, Josh strongly encourages candidates to thoroughly review job descriptions and talk to people in the company (if possible) about company culture and current needs; knowing these things can be critical to landing the job you want.

“It is becoming more and more likely that your materials are being reviewed by your potential supervisor and teammates,” says Josh. “If I read the letter and can tell it’s a generic form letter, I’m not likely to move this person on to a screen,” he continues. The ultimate goal for candidates is to pass each step in the screening process – the material screening, the phone conversation or online chat, and finally, the face-to-face meeting. These checkpoints are all ways hiring managers determine if you are the person you showcase on paper.

Consider the Hiring Manager’s Perspective

“A lot of people need a job, and that’s the perspective they’re coming at it from, their own need: I need a job. I need an income,” says Josh. However, candidates need to consider the perspective of hiring managers as well. Before even submitting a resume, you want to start researching the company not only to see if you will be a good fit but also if the company will be a good fit for you. As Josh puts it, “You need to know what you can be comfortable with.” When you know what you want and what the company may be willing to do, you establish yourself as a first-pick candidate.

Before launching your non-academic career search, keep in mind the hiring company’s needs as well as your own. Both of these factors will help you articulate how you can be of value while also having your needs met. This strategy is the best way to ensure you “get in the door,” says Josh.

If you would like more insight on the hiring process, please feel free to rent the webinar below!

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