Survey: Job Search and Career Success for PhDs

About this survey:

The Beyond the Professoriate Team provides career education and professional development support to graduate student and postdocs at universities in the United States and Canada (and across the globe.) 

Our research-informed programming is designed to empower PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed.

Through our research on the challenges PhDs face in their career transition, we have learned that too many graduate students and PhDs feel limited to careers that directly align with their academic subject matter expertise. For many PhDs, there aren’t any clear pathways into industry, and so they feel trapped in poorly paid academic positions.

Help us bust these myths about the relationship between PhD graduate education and the job that comes next. 

The results of this survey is to compliment our qualitative research on PhD career pathways. (To date, we have interviewed 300+ PhDs on their career transition from all academic disciplines. Want to be interviewed about your career? Sign up here.) 

Please take less than 5 minutes to fill out this survey and tell us about your career beyond the professoriate. This survey examines skills, competencies, and tools PhDs need to succeed in the professional workplace. Email addresses are not required.

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