What We Do

Beyond the Professoriate (Jen Polk and Maren Wood) is a mission-driven organization that provides professional development resources to grad students and PhDs. The majority of people who come to Beyond Prof are post-docs, under and unemployed PhDs, adjuncts, and part-time and full-time professors on or off the tenure track. They do not have access to these resources on their campus, but they need us.

We provide low-cost or free resources to those in the academic community who need career resources at a critical moment in their lives.

We provide resources to PhDs interested in academic careers as well as beyond the professoriate. Community members attend live webinars, watch videos of past webinars, participate in video-conference discussions, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded PhDs.

Ok, How Can I Support Your Work?

For Individuals

Become a member! If you love the articles we write, our blog, attended our conference, or even just follow us on Twitter, become a member of our community. We have resources for grad students and PhDs interested in academic and non-academic careers. If you benefit from the work we do, support us so we can continue providing these resources to you. 

Help Us Reach Our Goal: 700 Members by the end of 2019

Become an individual sponsor of Beyond the Professoriate. Your sponsorship will allow us to continue to offer these low-cost resources to grad students and PhDs who need us. 

For a contribution of $100 or more, we will list your name on our sponsorship page.  It’s not built yet, but it will be. Please add your name as a “note” when you become a sponsor. Beyond the Professoriate is a mission-driven woman-owned business. As such, your sponsorship does not qualify as a charitable contribution for tax purposes.    

Help Us Reach Our Goal: 100 Individual Sponsors for 2019

For Institutions & Professional Organizations: Subscribe To Aurora

Subscribe to Aurora. We have a platform just for institutions so their students can access our video content without paying. If you represent a professional organization or a university, instead of sponsoring the community, consider subscribing to Aurora, our e-learning platform. Your students, post-docs, or members will have access to all of our on-demand videos and additional learning tools at no cost to them. Learn more here.

For Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions: Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities

Become a Partner or Sponsor. We have three options for organizations, businesses, and institutions:

  • $2500:  Your name and logo on our community landing page for 12 months. Contact us to learn more.
  • $5000: Same as above, plus your name and logo on our main landing page, monthly tweets with your name and logo, and sponsorship of one of our events. Contact us to learn more.
  • $10,000, same as above, plus you’ll be a partner/sponsor of our annual online career conferences. Contact us to learn more.

Support a woman-owned, mission-driven, business. Your sponsorship could qualify as an eligible business expense, but not a charitable contribution. 

Help Us Reach Our Goal: $50,000 In Partnerships and Sponsors for 2019

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