Seven Things We LOVE About the
Beyond the Professoriate
Online Career Conference

Our annual Online Career Conference for Grad Students and PhDs is just around the corner.  Here are 7 things we love about the event (and we know you will, too!) Register now and save $10 off the late registration price. 

7. It’s an accessible, economical alternative to large, impersonal, expensive conferences.

Have you ever considered attending a conference only to check out the conference fee, consult your bank account, and wonder if it’s worth two-months of the grocery budget? The Beyond the Professoriate Online Career Conference for PhDs doesn’t require you to choose between personal nourishment and personal development. In fact, you can enjoy those groceries in the comfort of your own home while you attend the panels! Previous attendees have definitely appreciated the cost-effective, accessible nature of the conference, claiming:

“The Beyond the Professoriate conference is an excellent way to engage in a professional development
conference without the expense of traveling.”
“The flexible options of participating live and/or watching recorded sessions later make the conference accessible and allow you to ‘participate’ according to your schedule.”

6. Conference panelists are multi-disciplinary and offer diverse perspectives.

It’s a great combination of disciplines and diversity. No homogeneous panels or homogeneous experiences. Beyond the Professoriate is committed to supporting all PhD students and recognize the need to implement an intentional diversity goal to ensure multiple perspectives, voices, and experiences are represented. “We recognize that PhD students are a diverse group and that representation matters, so it seemed obvious that we should enrich participants’ conference experience by including speakers from a variety of backgrounds,” explain Polk and Wood. “It can also get pretty repetitive and boring listening to panelists who have come from fairly similar circumstances or contexts. A diverse conference benefits everyone.” As one previous attendee has observed, “It caters to anyone and everybody irrespective of their major, which is great because where you end up is always different from where you start!”

5. It’s as interactive as you want it to be.

Sometimes conferences can be exhausting. Early mornings. Endless small talk. Doesn’t learning useful career strategies from the comfort of your own home sound appealing? Other conference participants valued the ability to interact with presenters and other attendees when they wanted to. As one PhD explained, “I really appreciated being able to ask questions and get quick feedback from speakers and panelists of many backgrounds and experiences.” You can connect and follow-up with speakers if you’d like, or you can just take it all in.

4. The panelists are PhDs who offer expert advice about the non-academic job search.

All of the panelists know what it’s like to live an academic life, and now they’re all experts in their non-academic careers! Participants appreciate receiving career advice from experts and observed that,
“Experts in the Beyond Prof community are extremely generous with their insights and tips and very open about the twists and turns their own professional journeys have taken.” If you’re unsure about how to start looking for a non-academic career, conference panelists can point you in the right direction and provide invaluable tips for the job search in a variety of fields.

3. You get support and strategies for the non-academic job search that you won’t find anywhere else.

As one previous attendee observed, “I received information that I don’t get from my institution (faculty/advisor).” Our primary focus in graduate school tends to be… finishing graduate school, and often that’s the goal of our home institutions as well. Most universities don’t provide adequate or strategic support to help PhDs start their first career. It’s not because our home faculties or post-secondary institutions don’t want us to succeed, but their definition of student success usually ends with graduation. By attending the Online Career Conference for PhDs, you’ll learn a variety of strategies for developing a meaningful career path that incorporates the things you enjoyed about academia. Previous conference attendees have commented that the conference is “Hands down the best resource I’ve found for exploring post-PhD career options and learning how to successfully navigate this transition.”

2. You always leave the conference armed with relevant and practical tips to start your career!

Wondering about resumes and cover letters? Or how to network with people outside of academia? Perhaps you’re just unsure how a non-academic job search can differ from academic life. The conference is practical! We love hearing the panelists’ personal stories, and receiving tips about how to conduct the job search. Each workshop and panel is full of useful strategies for starting a successful non-academic career. Many of the tips can be incorporated in your career preparation right away! “I am especially thankful to the presenters for their detailed tips and advice on how to look for alt-ac jobs and not to be afraid of the process that seems so foreign and intimidating,” explained on attendee, “I no longer feel that I will be unable to successfully position myself in a non-academic world.”

1. You confidently embark on your non-academic job search.

“This conference restored my sense of confidence and excitement for the future.” (Conference Attendee) 

The unknown can be frightening, but it’s also exciting! We’re often confident in our abilities as we complete our PhD, but what will happen when it’s finished? The thing we love most about the Beyond the Professoriate Online Career Conference for PhDs is that it’s empowering! Participants come away from the conference feeling excited because they’ve been given strategies and assurance to begin a successful career search. “In fact,” described one participant, “this conference has reassured me that I have a great potential to get employment and contribute my skills and expertise to meet the needs of different communities and professional groups outside of academic circles.” PhDs have exceptional skills to support non-academic industries, and this conference empowers them to do so!

Are you excited to attend? Register today!

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