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Does your LinkedIn Profile need work?

Your LinkedIn profile might be the first impression a nonacademic employer has of you.

So how do you ensure you put your best foot forward in this online space?

And where do you even start? What’s a “headline”?

Does your profile scream “academic” without conveying what professional skills you have?

If you’ve thought about any of these concerns, you’re already on the right track. Book a 30 minute session with Beyond the Professoriate’ s LinkedIn for PhDs Coach, Brigét Horne-Harley. 

LinkedIn for PhDs 
What’s Included

  • 30 Minute Zoom Call
  • Summary email with action steps to improve your profile.
  • Cost is $100 US

Struggling to write a resume?

You’ve probably heard that hiring managers spend on average 6 seconds reading a resume.

Hiring managers are busy and are often looking at many, many resumes.

So how do you ensure YOUR resume speaks to the job and their needs?

How do you translate your PhD skills into language nonacademic employers will value?

Trying to convert  your academic CV? [No! That’s a huge mistake!]

The good news is that there is a process you can learn for translating your academic skills, clearly articulating your value to an employer, and writing a resume that speaks to the hiring manager’s needs. Work with Beyond the Professoriate’s Resumes for PhD Coach, Brigét Horne-Harley to create a professional resume for your job search. 

PhD Resumes
What’s Included

  • 30 Minute review of your resume prior to your meeting
  • 30 minute Zoom Call.
  • Cost is $100 US

Need more support?
Purchase a package and save 20%.

About Brigét Horne-Harley

Brigét brings 15+ years of experience to her work as a resume editor and coach. Briget began her career as a coach at Florida A&M University, and continues her work today as an independent resume coach and consultant. She helps career-seeking writers who want to develop or tailor their professional documents for industry positions. Brigét uses both facilitative and directive methods to connect graduates and PhDs to their resumes, CVs, and/or cover letters.

Brigét is currently working towards her PhD in English at the University of South Florida.

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