Resources for Departments

Our research informed programming supports grad students, postdocs, PhDs, and faculty interested in non-faculty careers.


Workshops (Virtual)

Looking for a keynote speaker or a knowledgeable expert to lead workshops for graduate students and postdocs on the non-faculty job search? Dr. L. Maren Wood has delivered virtual and in-person workshops to thousands of graduate students at universities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Office Hours with Maren

Expert advice on how to find a meaningful career beyond the professoriate. In these 1:1 strategy sessions, Dr. Wood will advise and mentor your graduate students on career options outside of academia, proven job search strategies, and next steps in their job search. 


Annual Online Career Conference

For the past 7 years, Beyond Prof has hosted an online career conference for PhDs. The program features how-to seminars on job searching, and career advice by PhDs, for PhDs. Held the first two Saturdays in May. Departments receive 20% off the purchase of 10 or more tickets.

Graduate Success Conference

Designed to advance the academic careers of graduate students and postdocs. Held in October of each year.  


Job Search Strategies for PhDs

Looking for self-paced learning for your graduate students? In this course series, students will learn what it takes to launch a non-faculty career. There are two courses available: Know Your Options and Evaluate Your Best Opportunity.

How to Apply for Academic Jobs

Help your graduate students prepare for the academic job market  in your academic job. Our five-unit self-paced course is designed to help graduate students and PhDs apply for faculty jobs. Seminars are taught by leading specialists from top universities across North America.

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