Resources for Departments

Our research informed programming supports grad students,
postdocs, PhDs, and faculty interested in non-faculty careers.


Fundamentals of the Job Search

Looking for self-paced learning for your graduate students? In this course series, students will learn what it takes to launch a non-faculty career. There are two courses available: one for STEM and one for Humanities & Social Science PhDs.

How to Launch a Non-Faculty Career as a Grad Student

This four-unit video course with companion workbook helps grad students leverage their graduate education (including the dissertation and teaching experience) to launch a non-faculty job search.



Office Hours with Maren

Online office hours, Q&A sessions, and small group training in specific aspects of the job search. More information coming soon!


Workshops (online and on-campus)​

Looking for a keynote speaker or a knowledgeable expert to lead workshops for graduate students and postdocs on the non-faculty job search? Bring L. Maren Wood, PhD, founder of Beyond the Professoriate, to your campus.

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