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Beyond the Professoriate Research & Innovation Series is for faculty, administrators, staff, and senior leadership who are interested in learning and sharing best practices for preparing the next generation of PhDs for career success. Topics include current research findings about career pathways for PhDs, the academic job market, innovative programs to prepare students for careers outside of academia, and advice from faculty for their colleagues about mentoring graduate students interested in pursuing non-faculty careers. Presentations are by faculty members, researchers, and staff from professional organizations or universities in Canada and the United States.

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Research & Innovation Webinar Library

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

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Preparing for Life After University: Career Development & Professional Skills
Mitacs Research & Training Funding Opportunities
Motivating INformed Decisions: An Experiment on Effective Career Development Interventions for LIfe Science PhDS

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Series

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Improving Transparency in Biomedical PhD Career Outcomes
Using Evidence to Make Academia More Transparent to Early Career Scientists
Institutionalizing Support for Grads Transitioning From Student to Professional
Using ImaginePhD to Explore & Plan Your Humanities or Social Sciences Career
Preparing Future Professionals: A Career Development Course to Enhance Work Readiness
What Comes After the Graduate Degree? A Look at the Big Picture
Shaping Professional Development in Graduate Education: National Initiatives from the Council of Graduate Schools
Dipping into the Workforce: McGill University's Doctoral Internship Program
Expanding Scholarly Training and Career Horizons through Public Scholarship
What is the Role of Departments in Doctoral Student Professional Development?
Who Gets the Job? A Look into the Structure of Canadian Academia

Upcoming Research & Innovation Seminars

Spring 2019

April 4th, 2019 | 12 PM ET

Tracking the Job Market in Theatre & Peformance Studies

Noe Montez, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies
Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies
Tufts University

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