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Tickets for our Online Career Conference for PhDs on Sale Now!

Tickets for our Online Career Conference for PhDs on Sale Now!

A few years ago, Beyond the Professoriate co-founders Jen and Maren wondered how they could help PhDs, postdocs, adjuncts, and grad students feel empowered and informed about their career opportunities. They designed a conference that would help PhDs learn what was needed for a professional job search, to feel excited about career possibilities, and have fun doing it! To make it available and accessible to ALL PhDs, wherever they were, they decided to host it entirely online. Beyond the Professoriate’s online career conference for PhDs was born!

Now in it’s sixth year, the online conference (4-11 May) continues to be a cornerstone event for Beyond the Professoriate that we always look forward to. We think this year’s program is really fantastic, and will inspire you on your career journey. The first day features webinars on dealing with the emotional aspects of leaving academia, networking for success, leveraging your education and experience to research fulfilling careers, and putting together an awesome application package. The second day features four career panels, with twelve PhDs who love the work the do in higher education administration, government, non-profits, and the business world. We’re confident you’ll find the conference empowering and motivating!

Ticket holders can attend both days of the conference live, and will have access to a 30-day video replay of all conference sessions. This year, we’re hosting four additional career spotlights on freelancing & independent consulting, UX research, biotechnology, and policy, which you can add to your ticket. How awesome is that? We want to make sure you have the opportunity to explore as many career paths as possible this May!

What's Goin' On

PhD Career Spotlight: Learning Experience Design
Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 8 PM ET
For Community Members

Join us for a PhD career spotlight on learning experience design! Chela White-Ramsey, PhD, will be leading this webinar. She received her PhD in human resource education and leadership development from Louisiana State University. Now, she works as the manager of global CX training and communications at Stitch Fix, and is the chief career strategist at ChelaWorks Career Counseling, LLC.

PhD Career Conversation: Technology
Thursday, 14 March 2019, 8 PM ET

For Community Members

Calling all arts and humanities PhDs interested in careers in tech! Join us for the first of our career conversations on the technology sector with Valerie Robin, PhD! Valerie received her PhD Composition and Rhetoric from Georgia State University. Currently, she works as a Knowledge Manager for in the Infrastructure Management Services at SITA. This event is essential for anyone looking to learn more about careers in technology.

PhD Career Conversation: Freelancing & Independent Consulting
Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 8 PM ET
For Community Members

Join us for a career conversation on freelancing and independent consulting! Brian Witkowski, DMA, received his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance from the University of Arizona. Currently, he's the founder, coach, and consultant at The Lucrative Artist, where he helps artists and creative-types create new opportunities and learn how to become financially successful in the process. He's going to be sharing his expertise as a freelance consultant and coach.

The Challenge

I’m worried I’ll be bored and unfulfilled in a non-faculty position.

Beyond the Professoriate’s solution:
This is a common concern; you’re not alone. Learning what energizes us and fulfils us at work is important to everyone, PhD or not. The first step to combating career boredom is to own your decisions, likes, and dislikes. Empowerment will help you to make active decisions in your life and career goals.

Talk to people who enjoy their professional careers – friends, family, partners, and colleagues. Ask them what they enjoy about their work! You might be surprised to learn that a faculty career might not really line up with what you want in a career. You never know until you ask.

Check out these resources for more inspiration:

  • If you’re looking for proof that PhDs are finding engaging and fulfilling work, look at our career spotlights and career panels in our video library. These videos are full of PhDs that love what they do. 
  • Read this piece on our blog about the careers of medical science liaisons, and how they’re making a real difference with the work they do. 
  • Find a different way to do what you love. This piece on career paths in educational and faculty development highlights pathways to remain engaged with pedagogy and teaching at a university, but off the tenure track. 
  • Remember: No job is necessarily forever. “No matter what move you are making, there will always be opportunities to change the direction of your career path if you need to,” writes Joseph Barber, in this Inside Higher Ed piece

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