How to Balance Work, Life, and Your Career

After watching this presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the underlying causes of procrastination.
  • Develop strategies for managing anxieties and stresses inherent in graduate education and training.
  • Apply effective tools for productivity and time management.

Presented by Stacey Satchell, MA, MSEd (Graduate Life Coach, Vanderbilt University)

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Questions to Consider

  1. Is perfectionism affecting your ability to complete aspects of your PhD? How is perfectionism showing up for you?
  2. In what ways do you find yourself procrastinating?
  3. Do you have a performance routine for your allotted work time? If not, what could you do to set the scene for successful work time?
  4. Who is a part of your mentor network? Who could you seek out to join your mentor network?


  1. Take one big item or ultimate goal of yours and set SMART goals to help you tackle all the steps needed to attain this goal.
  2. Reflect on the strategies and resources that were mentioned in this presentation. What could you try incorporating into your routine to help you achieve balance and attain your goals?
  3. Counter any negative self-doubt this week with positive statements. Any time you find yourself with a negative thought, write it down, and then write down what you would tell a friend who expressed that thought.
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