How to Decide Between an Academic and Nonacademic Career Series


Virtual Webinar Series for PhD Students and Postdocs

PhDs work wherever smart people are needed. In today’s creative economy, a faculty career isn’t the only option for PhDs who are seeking engaging and rewarding work. PhDs work in every part of the economy – industry, nonprofits, higher education, and government.

But what career pathway will be right for YOU?

This special workshop series is designed to walk doctoral students, PhDs and postdocs through a series of exercises to help them evaluate career options and identify next steps in building their career either as faculty or beyond the professoriate.

Format: The virtual workshops include instruction, reflective prompts and exercises, and opportunities for participants to ask questions directly to the Beyond Prof team. The webinar will be held via Zoom webinar here in the platform and will be recorded. Advanced registration is required.

Who should attend: This series is uniquely designed for doctoral students, PhDs, and postdocs from all academic disciplines who are wondering:

  • Is a faculty career path right for me?
  • What other career options are available to PhDs in my discipline?
  • How to identify career pathways that are right for me?
  • What can I do with my PhD?

Attend Live: Every Wednesday in March from 12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET. 

Who Can Register: You! Your institution will soon have access to Beyond the Professoriate, a career training platform that hosts virtual trainings like this webinar series.

Who Should Attend: Doctoral students, PhDs, and postdocs from all disciplines.

Video Replay: Available after the series has ended. Register to attend and you will receive replay information.

What PhDs Say About Our Trainings

“I appreciate the structured, detailed, and realistic course and webinar design of Beyond the Prof. I feel that the nebulous world of post-PhD networking and job searching is broken down into logical and manageable steps and translated into the language of PhD students so that we know that we are capable of entering the job market confidently and with the preparation needed.”

“The ordered lesson structure and progression helped me organize my job search and helped me have a guide for the entire process, which was immensely helpful because as PhD students we don’t get formal training or education on this process.”

“I appreciate how the content covers the basics without making you feel stupid for not knowing the material previously. I have felt very lost about knowing where to start and the content helped me feel more confident on the path forward.”

“I have attended many of Beyond the Prof’s webinars and classes and I am very grateful for your service… I finished my post-doc this week and am starting my career in industry as a Medical Writer next week. I have been recommending Beyond the Prof to all my academic colleagues as I believe your programming was extremely helpful along my path to a job in industry.


Until we see you!

About the Beyond Prof Team

Since 2017, we have provided career support for over 100,000 graduate students. Through online trainings and our one-of-a-kind career training platforms, Beyond the Professoriate and Beyond Graduate School, we help students learn effective job search strategies so that they can successfully build careers that leverage their education. To date, 65+ institutions in the US and Canada subscribe to our career training platforms.


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