A job search course designed by PhDs, for PhDs

3 Months | 7 Modules | 21 Hours of Content | 13 PhD Presenters

  • Learn how to launch your next great career beyond academia in this 3 month certificate program.
  • Video seminars are taught by PhD experts working beyond the professoriate.
  • Self-paced and on-demand. Learn on your own schedule.
  • Learning prompts to help you apply what you've learned and develop a plan of action
  • Complete quizzes to earn a certificate of completion
  • Join Community, by Beyond the Professoriate, free for one year.* (A $99 value.)

* Must earn certificate of completion

Introduction to the Job Search
You will be able to identify the phases of a job search and apply strategies to start a career.
Explore Career Options
You will be able to identify appropriate career paths according to your skill set and recognize career goals.
Professional Documents
You will be able to create a resume and cover letter, and successfully articulate your skills to employers.
Online Job Search Strategies
You will be able to effectively use social media platforms and apply online strategies to start you career.
You will be able to create and communicate your brand and apply effective networking strategies.
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You will be able to navigate the non-academic hiring process and negotiate a job offer.
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Who should enroll?

This course is designed to help PhDs from all academic disciplines learn how to leverage their education and find their next great career beyond the professoriate.  We show you that the secret to a successful job search is much more than having a strong resume: It’s about developing a clear sense of your value and skills, and being able to communicate that to employers of interest. It requires that you build a community of people who can help you.  And it requires that you, first, know what matters to you in your life and your career.

If you are wondering what comes next, or if you already know what careers you want to explore, but are unsure of how to go about the job search process, this course can help you.


  • Module 1: Introduction to the Job Search
  • Launch Your Non-Faculty Job Search ... Tomorrow
  • How To Set Yourself Up For PhD Job Search Success
  • Stages of the Job Search Process
  • Module 2: Career Exploration
  • How to Use Assessments to Find Your Next Career
  • How to Make Good Career Decisions After Your PhD or Postdoc
  • Leveraging Your PhD: Identifying Career Paths to Suit You and Your Goals
  • Module 3: Professional Documents
  • How to Pitch Yourself to Employers
  • Your Resume & Cover Letter
  • Getting Landed: Writing Impact-Based Resumes
  • Module 4: Online Job Search Strategies
  • How to Use the Internet to Get the Job You Want
  • Personal Branding & Social Media for the Job Search
  • How PhDs Can Use LinkedIn Effectively During a Job Search
  • Module 5: Networking
  • Build Your Brand and Your Network
  • Authentic Networking StrategiesList Item
  • Making the Most of Informational Interviews
  • Module 6: Interviewing
  • Interviewing with Confidence in a Non-Academic World
  • How to Articulate Your Transition Story in a Non-Academic Interview
  • How to Prepare for a Non-Academic Interview
  • Module 7: Hiring & Interviewing
  • The Hiring Process
  • Understanding & Navigating Hiring in Today's Economy
  • How to Negotiate & Accept a Non-Academic Job Offer

The Fine Print

All of our videos are recorded live as webinars for our Community or during our annual conference. No discount is offered to those who attended the conference or rented videos in the Community. You have 3 months to complete course before your registration expires. We will not issue refunds. Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  When you complete the course and earn 80% or more on all quizzes, you will earn a certificate of completion and a badge for your LinkedIn profile. Your certificate entitles you to a one year membership to Beyond the Professoriate Community.  Offer valid for 90 days after you complete the certificate. You can read more about community membership here.  If you’d like to participate in the community while you earn your certificate, please sign up for a month-to-month plan.