Four-step framework for PhD career success


Our research shows that PhDs move through four stages during their career transition. PhDs must:

  • DISCOVER their values, interests, and skills and build a metric for career opportunities.
  • RESEARCH career pathways that align with their metric.
  • IMPLEMENT a job search focused on one career field of interest.
  • BUILD a career by evaluating their career choices and identifying future opportunities.

If you aren’t sure what stage of the job search you’re in, take our Job Search Assessment.

1. Discovery stage: start here if you aren't sure about your career options

2. Research stage: start here if you know what career fields interest you

3. Implement stage: start here if you've already chosen a career field and are applying for jobs

  • Introduction to the implementation stage
  • How to modify your resume in 2 hours
  • How to build and grow your network
  • The hiring process

Start with one of our most popular trainings

Identify the skills you developed while earning your PhD

Watch this quick training to identify the technical and interpersonal skills you developed during your PhD.

Learn how to write professional resumes for your job search


A CV is NOT the same as a resume. Learn how to write resumes that will communicate your skills, value, and experience.

How to persuade people to hire you (the employer’s perspective)


You need to read yourself into a new career field. So how do you accomplish that? Watch this training to learn more.  

Beyond the Professoriate’s curriculum is designed to move you through the stages with strategy and purpose. By completing the courses in order, you will learn the proven process used by hundreds of PhDs to successfully launch nonacademic careers.

Each course includes self-paced video modules and a workbook to help you apply what you are learning in your own job search. This training program is designed to be completed as quickly as 120 days.

One of the biggest mistakes PhDs make is taking a haphazard approach to the job search. By completing this curriculum, you will build the foundational knowledge you need to apply for jobs, and the confidence to communicate your value to employers.

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Don't know what stage of the job search you're in?

The curriculum in the Beyond Prof PhD Career Training Platform is designed to move you through the four stages of the PhD career transition with purpose and strategy. Learn which of the four stages you are at by taking this quiz, and we’ll tell you which course is right for you.

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Based on hundreds of hours of research, we’ve identified specific stages that every PhD must go through when completing their degree and considering nonacademic job options.

The curriculum in Beyond Prof's training platform is designed to move students through the stages with strategy and purpose.

Students can take our free assessment tool to learn where they are at in the 4 stages, and which course they should complete.

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