Four-step framework for PhD career success


Preparing to go on the academic job market can feel daunting and overwhelming. Our team has created a four-step framework to help you confidently communicate your value as a scholar:

  • EVALUATE if you are ready for the job market and if a faculty career is right for you.
  • APPLY to faculty jobs by submitting a well-designed application package.
  • DEMONSTRATE your potential as a future faculty member through interviews and presentations.
  • PIVOT to a professional job search if a faculty career is no longer right for you.

Evaluate stage: start here if you are wondering if a faculty career is right for you.

Apply stage: start here if you are preparing application documents for a faculty job search.

Demonstrate stage: start here if you have a first-round or on-campus interview.

Pivot stage: start here if you are considering a second or third year on the academic job market.

Start with one of our most popular trainings

Are you ready for the academic job market?

When is the right time for a PhD in your discipline to go on the academic job market? Watch this short training to identify if now is the right time for you to be on the job market.

How to write a cover letter for a faculty job.

A cover letter for an academic job is the first impression committees will have of you. Watch this lesson to learn how to write a strong letter and avoid common mistakes.

How to write an effective diversity statement.

Diversity statements are one of the most challenging documents in the application package. This training will help you design a statement that reflects your commitment to equality in your classroom and research.

Today’s academic job market is more competitive than ever. You want to be able to apply for positions in your field with confidence. The lessons in this program of study are designed to help you make strategic decisions and develop an application package that is reflective of who you are as a teacher and scholar. 

Our comprehensive curriculum will help you design application packages and prepare for interviews. We’ll share with you tips and strategies PhDs use to be successful in applying for academic jobs. But, remember, there’s a lot that is beyond your control. Your personal worth and value is not tied to landing a dream academic job.  

Some of the trainings will ask you hard questions: is a faculty job right for you? How many jobs in your field are there each year? How many times will you go on the job market before making a pivot to a professional career?

Our research shows that PhDs want careers that are intellectually rewarding and engaging, allow for the expression of personal values, and have a meaningful impact on the world. A faculty career is only one of the places where you can find career satisfaction. Keep in mind that smart people work everywhere. 

Attend live webinars and receive answers to your questions

Every month, we host webinars and special events to help PhDs learn how to job search with purpose and strategy. When you register, you’ll have the chance to submit a question to the Beyond Prof team. 

Do you have a question for the Beyond the Professoriate team? Send us an email member@beyondprof.com

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Apply with confidence

Beyond Prof’s training platform is the only online professional development training platform for graduate students and PhDs that helps them successfully transition into academic or nonacademic career paths.

Students will learn how to prepare for today’s competitive academic job market and apply with confidence. 

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