What Every STEM Trainee Needs to Know About Applying for Postdocs

After watching this presentation, you’ll be able to: 

    • Align mentorship needs and career objectives with the postdoc training environment.
    • Identify avenues to search for postdoc opportunities and funding.
    • Navigate the postdoc interview process.

Presented by Caleb McKinney, PhD (Assistant Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Training & Development, Georgetown University).

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Questions to Consider

  1. What factors should you consider when choosing a postdoc?
  2. Where can you look for postdoc opportunities?
  3. What do you need to include in a postdoc application?
  4. Where do most individuals who complete postdocs work?


  1. Think about your career aspirations and goals. How might a postdoc help you achieve those goals?
  2. Seek out 3 new mentors. Look for alumni through your department or on LinkedIn, or engage with people on Twitter. Who could you connect with to ask questions about research, postdocs, and career opportunities?
  3. What resources do you have on your campus that assist PhDs with finding and applying for postdoc positions? How can you use these resources to help you prepare for your next steps?
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