Grant and Fellowship Applications
Editing & Coaching

Struggling with your grant or fellowship application?

Ben can help you.

Grant and fellowship applications can be difficult. You know the value of your research and scholarship, but how do you communicate that effectively to secure research funding?

  • Am I clearly communicating why my research matters?
  • Will someone outside of my area of specialization understand my proposal?
  • What can I do to stand out among all the other applications? 

Beyond the Professoriate has partnered with Ben Arenger, PhD, who specializes in helping PhDs, postdocs, and adjuncts prepare their strongest grant and fellowship applications.

Grant and Fellowship Application

Editing and Coaching

What’s Included

  • A 30 min initial review of your documents prior to your meeting.
  • A 30 min one-to-one Zoom coaching sessions with Ben to review your documents.
  • Cost is $75

Ben Arenger, PhD

Ben earned his PhD in 2016 in Spanish Languages and Literature from Rutgers University – New Brunswick. He joined the Rutgers University Grad Fund team in 2012. Over the course of 4 years, Ben advised over 500 graduate students and postdocs on external funding at Rutgers University for four years. As part of the GradFund team, he helped scholars identify funding sources and write effective grant proposals. In addition, he designed and delivered interactive workshops to develop grant writing skills across the humanistic and STEM disciplines. Ben continues to work at the Graduate School in a data/technology role, but also provides freelance services helping scholars secure research funding.

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