Share your Experience, Expertise & Advice

Thank you for your interest in writing a blog post for us.  Blog posts are usually between 500-1000. We’re currently looking for blog submissions on the following topics:

1. What factors led you to choose a non-faculty career? What was your decision-making process like?

2. How are you leading a creative life / “life of the mind” now that you have a career beyond the professoriate?

3. What does success mean to you, in your career / life?

4. What energizes you about the work you’re doing nowadays?

5. What advice would you give to grad students or PhDs looking to transition into your career field?

You can write in response to one prompt or respond to several. Up to you!

Have a different topic in mind? Great! Send us a pitch.

Please email your Beyond the Professoriate submission. Please include a short bio and/or a link to your  LinkedIn Profile. Our blog is a free resource for all PhDs and graduate students to access; as such, we do cannot pay for submissions.

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