Here are ways you can get involved:

We’re interested in showcasing the successes of PhDs who have launched careers in academia and beyond. There are several ways you can contribute and inspire graduate students and PhDs to leverage their education to launch their next great career. We’re interested in hearing from all PhDs: STEM, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Education, Psychology, Health Sciences … whatever your degree is in! 

We host events about careers in academia and beyond the professoriate. We want grad students & PhDs to explore and learn about all career options.

PhD Career Interviews and Panels

Every month we host webinars featuring a panel of 3 PhDs who work in a specific career or sector, like tech, or data science, or higher education administration. Panels typically are held at 8 p.m. ET and last an hour. 

We are also building a library of one-on-one interviews, where co-founders Jen and Maren ask PhD interviewees questions about their career. These typically take about 20 minutes.

Interviews and career panels are conducted via Zoom, recording audio and video. Interviews and career panels are available to students in our e-learning platform, and to members of our community.

Professional Beyond the Professoriate

Past speakers have been ABDs who left without the degree, tenured faculty members who walked away from "the dream job" to pursue other things, PhDs who left when academic opportunities ended, and PhDs who decided that there was a better career fit than an academic gig. What is your story?
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