Info for Institutions

Buy in bulk and save! Purchase Beyond the Professoriate conference registrations for your students or colleagues.  Discounts are available for student groups, departments, and graduate schools … or you and 9 of your closest friends!

Pay the full ticket price, or split the cost between your students and institutions (the grad school pays half, students pay the other half).

To purchase a group of tickets at a discounted rate, please get in touch by email – We will initiate the process, which includes:

  1. Create an invoice for you on PayPal, which you then pay using a credit card. If you need to arrange a different form of payment, let us know.
  2. After payment, we will create a discount code for Eventbrite. This is the code your group members will use to get their free tickets. That code will be unique to you, and can be used as many times as spots you’ve purchased.
  3. We will email you instructions about how individuals can use the code and then access the conference. It’s fairly straightforward.

Contact us by email or fill out the form below to request more information.