Info for Attendees

Check out the 2017 Tech Guide for Live Attendees. (Link opens a Google Doc.)

What’s an online conference?

All sessions with be presented online, through a paid web-based platform called Zoom. Technically, each session will be a separate webinar, with a host (Jen or Maren) and panelists or a presenter. As an audience member, you’ll be able to see and hear us and any slides or other screen information we share. All you need to join is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access that will allow you to stream the conference video and audio. If your internet gets wonky, you’ll be able to phone in at no extra charge (it will be a US phone number).

How do I ask questions or make a comment?

Each session will include time for discussion. There are two ways to participate: using the Chat feature or the Q&A feature. If you wish to remain anonymous, use the Q&A feature and select “send anonymously.” If you need to let the host know about any issues, you can use the Chat feature or email

Do I have to watch live, or will the sessions be recorded?

All conference sessions will be recorded so that registered attendees can watch live or up to 21 days afterward. Exciting! Live will be better: you’ll be able to get your own questions in to our speakers and engage in real time on social media with other attendees and speakers.

How can I interact with fellow conference attendees?

In our new online community platform! Check your email for instructions about how to join. We also encourage participants and speakers to use social media to share what they’re learning, make comments, ask questions, and otherwise discuss what’s happening! Use the hashtag #beyondprof on Twitter.

I’ve registered. How to I access the sessions?

We’ll send you everything you need to know several days before the conference begins — assuming you’ve registered that far in advance! You’ll get detailed instructions including links to sign up for every session. Because each session is technically its own webinar, you’ll have to sign up for the ones you want, which can be all of them, or just a selection. Once you’re signed up (a very quick and easy process), Zoom will send you a unique link to log in to each session you chose to attend. On the day in question, you’ll click this link to access the session — and voila! you’ll be at the conference. Zoom may prompt you to download a plugin the first time you do this, to enable the technology to work on your system.

I wasn’t able to attend live. How do I watch the video replays?

All sessions will be recorded and the videos uploaded into the community platform. Give us until Monday to get them ready, assuming no tech issues. Once the videos are available, log into our platform — If you’re doing this for the first time, please check your emails from us (via Eventbrite) for the “registration code.” Note that the registration code is completely different from the Eventbrite ticket order number. The videos are posted on the Videos page, Click on the one you wish to watch. These are streaming videos, available to you at your convenience through early June 2017.

I’d love to attend by the cost is prohibitive for me.

If you’re a current student or postdoc, encourage your institution to purchase registrations for you and your colleagues. We offer bulk purchases to colleges and universities.

If you are enrolled at a university that may be willing and able to purchase registrations for its students, let us know who we should contact to arrange this.