To the PhD Who is Ready to Launch Their Nonacademic Job Search:

In 30 days, you'll walk away fully prepared to launch a job search in a career best suited forYOU.

There are 4 essential criteria every PhD must address if they want to be truly prepared for the job market:

  • Know which careers align with your Optimal Career Path™
  • Know the language of employers
  • Know how to translate your academic work experience
  • Know where to find the right career community

Read on to see how you too can create a career plan aligned with YOUR skills and talents, so that you can land a nonacademic job you enjoy faster.

 “Thank you to the entire Beyond Prof team for turning my non-faculty job search upside down, for the better!”

A Note From: Dr. L. Maren Wood

Job searching after your PhD is downright stressful. Especially if you’re on the academic job market AND the nonacademic job market. Because if you’re like most PhDs I work with…

you don’t have the time or emotional energy for ineffective job search methods.

It’s insanely frustrating trying to figure out a nonacademic job search on your own — googling answers, piecing together advice, and sending applications into the void would leave anyone demoralized!

(That’s what I did when I finished my PhD and hint: it didn’t work and took a huge toll on my confidence.)

Your intuition might be saying, “there must be a better way to do this job search thing.”

Well, the reality is this:

Yes, there IS a more effective way to job search.

In fact, your intuition is right because…

the #1 mistake phds make when job searching...
... is not following a process.

Here’s a not-so-secret, secret: not following a proven process when considering job options is like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Because that’s what most PhDs do when they jump immediately into applying for nonacademic jobs after their PhD.

It’s incredibly frustrating waiting for something to stick, not being sure if you’re doing it right, and not seeing signs of progress.

But it’s not your fault!

Most of us (PhDs) are used to an academic job market, which is very different from the nonacademic job market.

So we enter job searching feel uncertain about what the process is…

… And when you don’t have a process that you feel confident in — you end up feeling powerless in your job search instead 🙁

The #1 mistake phds make when job searching? Not following a process.

what makes me so angry is that it doesn't have to be this way!!!

There is, in fact, a simple (but not necessarily easy :)) process for applying for jobs with CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE.

Of course the job market is hard. Of course it will take time to land the right position.

But wouldn’t it feel so much better to know that you aren’t wasting time or energy on ineffective job searching methods?

Or haphazardly piecing together your job search materials?

Or not really knowing what hiring managers are looking for?

Imagine for just a moment...

… that you could follow a research-driven process for launching your job search with your Optimal Career Pathway™.
… that in 30 days you could know how to articulate your most marketable skills and talk to nonacademic employers with confidence.
… that you’d know where to look for jobs and how to optimize your search.

Well. This process exists.


The step-by-step, research-driven system so you can launch your new career.

see what's inside

Detailed video training & workbook (plus email support) to launch your new career!


Here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll learn in the course so that you can job search and apply for jobs with confidence and competence.

Through 8 modules you’ll learn:

Research Lesson 1 Introduction

Why you need a targeted job search. Our research shows that a targeted job search is most effective. Learn how PhDs make career transitions, and how YOU can find a career best suited for your skills, values, and interests.


How to translate your academic work experience and talk to nonacademic employers about what you do (aka your skills!).


How to use LinkedIn effectively and strategically in your job search. Plus common mistakes PhDs make when using LinkedIn and what to avoid.


How to build YOUR LinkedIn profile so that you can communicate your value to employers. Your LinkedIn profile will the first impression employers and new colleagues have of you. First impressions matter!


Why LinkedIn is a critical tool for gathering information about your job search. Learn how to talk to employers, industry trends, and where to find career opportunities.


What the Key to a successful job search is.


How to write your professional resume. Hint: you can’t convert a CV to a resume. Learn what makes a compelling resume and the process to use in creating yours.


How to launch your job search, manage self-doubt, and work with your academic community.

It’s time to give yourself the power of confidence.
You deserve to see the opportunities available to you -- and confidently launch a successful job search. Just like some of our past students...

“I wish I had discovered Beyond the Prof earlier. I’ve had a number of fears about transitioning alt-ac employment after graduation, and BtP offers strategies to deal with those fears.”
Meeting Maren at the AHA’s last year was a game-changer for me! I knew I wanted out of academia after years on the job market and as I neared the end of my post-doc, but wasn’t sure how to proceed. Working with Maren helped me figure out what I was interested in and and made me realize how valuable my academic skills are outside of the university setting.

“Maren rocks. Her bootcamp was exactly what I needed as a conflicted ABD. My “before” picture looks like a frustrated person with shapeless plans and tons of regret, wearing an oversized t-shirt stained with chocolate and tears”

“One of my biggest challenges is figuring out how to translate my academic expertise into the language of transferable skills. Beyond the Prof helps me find the language I need not only to convince others that I am well prepared for careers outside academe, but to convince myself of that, too!”

Evaluate Your Best Opportunity

Everything You Need to Get Started in Your Job Search
$ 99
  • 8 Video Trainings
  • 100+ Page Workbook
  • Email Support

Enroll in the course today!

When you join Evaluate Your Best Opportunity, you’ll receive instant access to everything you need to launch a job search in your Optimal Career Pathway™. Including…


Complete Process for choosing career fields that are aligned with your Optimal Career Pathway™.


Detailed Training from Dr. L. Maren Wood on how to launch a nonacademic career including: how to research career opportunities; how to build your credibility online; and the key to successfully transitioning into a new career field.


An effective plan for launching your nonacademic job search, as well as a career transition story that will help share your skills & talents with the world.


Email support to help you with questions, roadblocks, and encouragement as you work through launching your job search.

in case i missed anything, here's some frequently asked questions...

Well… let’s answer this with a few more questions.

-Are you considering nonacademic careers?
-Do you have a general idea of the career fields you’re interested in?
-Have you started applying to jobs but are still struggling with the process?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this course could be a great solution for helping you find your career path & take clear actions steps to move forward in your job search.

There’s a lot of career advice online you could wade through, but I’m guessing you’ve already done that and you’re frustrated with information overload (kind of like the awkward family conversations where everyone wants to give “helpful” advice about your future…).

I’ve taken all that I’ve learnt over 7 years of working with PhDs and compiled it into a clear system to follow so that you can avoid frustrating (and time-consuming) trial and error.

Plus you’ll get support from me by email. Whenever you have a question as you’re going through the course, drop me a line. We’re here to support our students.

It’s ok if you feel like you want to pursue academic and nonacademic career options. Lots of PhDs I’ve worked with felt this way too — so they ensured they were prepared for both job markets.

And what they found was that preparation for a nonacademic job search is key — because jumping into a nonacademic job search (like any job search is not easy). It can take upwards of 6 months to land a position, so the earlier you start preparing options, the more opportunities you’ll have when you’re ready to choose a career path.

This course is designed to give you options and prepare you in case you do end up going the nonacademic route.

So if you want to make sure you have a plan ahead of time, that’s what we’re here to help with!

It depends.

  • Do you have a clear idea what career fields you are focusing your job search on?
  • Do you have a draft resume with appropriate keywords based on the professional career field you are interested in?
  • Do you know people in your desired career field?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, this course will probably not help. Instead we recommend you look at the next stage of the job search and our course “Evaluate Your Optimal Career Path.”

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this course will help you focus your job search and give you more clarity in what you should be pursuing.

  • An eight-module training system with 60 day access (value: $297)
  • Yours-to-keep workbook and job search plan (value: $27)
  • Bonus: Email support, so if you have any questions throughout the course we’ll be there to help you work through it (value: $89)

Total value starting: $413 but you can get started today for just $99.

Yes, we do for group enrollments. Departments or faculty purchasing for students and postdocs can receive up to 20% off when you purchase 10 or more courses. Email for more information.


Enroll in the course today!

about your instructor


Dr. L. Maren Wood earned her PhD in early American history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After earning her PhD, Maren worked as an adjunct for several years before deciding to leave academia. She first worked as a consultant with the American Historical Association and the Chronicle of Higher Education, researching career outcomes for PhDs.

In 2017, she founded Beyond the Professoriate with the mission of empowering PhDs to consider the range of career options available to them in the creative economy. Her work with PhDs in career transition has been featured in leading industry publications and peer reviewed books. She has also served as external advisor on committees such as the Council of Graduate Schools Humanities Advisory Committee.

Dr. Wood is a certified career coach with Strong Interest Inventory® Certification, and is regularly sought as a keynote speaker at national and international conferences. She also writes for Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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