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Group Coaching: Resume Writing Workshops for Humanities,
Social Science, and STEM PhDs

You’ve probably heard that hiring managers spend on average 6 seconds reading a resume.

Hiring managers are busy and are often looking at many, many resumes.

So how do you ensure YOUR resume speaks to the job and their needs?

Does your resume scream “academic” without conveying your professional skills and results?

Can’t you just reformat your academic CV? [Hint: no!]

These are all important questions to ask when writing your non-academic resume.

The good news is that there is a process you can learn for translating your academic skills, clearly articulating your value to an employer, and writing a resume that speaks to the hiring manager’s needs.

Join founder L. Maren Wood, PhD in this 90 minute workshop where you will learn strategies for writing a resume that effectively communicates your skills and competencies to non-academic employers.

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • identify how the resume differs from a C.V. and the components of a resume.
  • apply strategies to translate academic work into skills non-academic employers value.
  • confidently draft a resume for the early stages of a job search and career exploration.

Workshops are limited to 9 participants each. Participants will have the chance to ask questions and talk with Maren about developing professional resumes.

Note: This workshop is most suited to those who are in the early stages of their career exploration and do not yet have a professional resume, or those who feel that their resume is too “academic” and does not convey their professional skills.

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