Both Maren and Jen provide individual coaching to PhDs and graduate students interested in non-faculty careers. Are you stuck trying to figure out if being a professor is right for you? Are you ready to launch a non-faculty career but unsure how?  Are you mired in your dissertation wishing you could finish and graduate?  We can help you achieve your immediate and long-term goals.

Although complimentary, Jen and Maren have their own unique styles and services as part of their coaching practices. You can read more about our approaches below.  In addition to our one-to-one coaching, we collaborate on a group coaching course.

works with graduate students and PhDs at all stages of their academic careers to help them launch a successful non-faculty job search campaign.  This is primarily done through her online course, Boot Camp for the Post-Academic Job Seeker.  This five unit course is designed specifically for graduate students and PhDs moving from academia to non-faculty careers.  It combines video, worksheets, and one-to-one coaching.  In five units, you’ll learn how to explore career options, identify transferable skills, create professional documents, harness the power of social media, and strategically build a network.

Maren also works to help people finish their dissertation.  She’ll help you create a schedule, break down the writing/research process into manageable steps, and keep you accountable so that you can finish, graduate, and move on to the next stage of your career.

Learn more about Maren’s coaching and sign up for a free thirty minute consultation.

JenJen circle

Are you struggling to finish your dissertation . . . or wonder if you should be finishing it at all? Do want to find more fulfilling, meaningful work, but can’t seem to identify what it would be? Do you want to achieve a better balance between all areas of your life and work? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Jen’s clients are . . .

  • Committed to making changes and moving forward in their lives
  • Looking for support or guidance, not therapy or an expert telling them what to do
  • Ready to do what’s right for them – not for someone else
  • Seeking the perspective of an outsider who gets it
  • In need of accountability to help them meet their own deadlines
  • Not always sure what they want, but know it isn’t what they’ve got

Jen loves helping smart, accomplished individuals achieve their goals. Her clients come to her when they’re ready for action but find it hard to get and stay moving on their own. Jen works primarily with graduate students and PhDs seeking non-academic employment. She helps them improve their performance, develop their skills, and transform their lives.

Visit Jen’s website to learn more about working with her, and to request a no-charge initial consultation.