Successful completion of the Professional Career Strategies certificate ensures PhDs recognize their transferable skills, articulate their abilities to non-academic employers, and apply proven professional strategies to their chosen career.

Any graduate student or PhD, transitioning out of academia will benefit from completing the certification through Beyond the Professoriate. It provides necessary training for a successful non-academic job search including:

  • preparation for career exploration
  • creating application documents
  • interviewing confidently
  • negotiating a job offer
  • identifying an appropriate career path
  • and applying effective networking strategies and social media engagement

PhDs earn the certificate by completing all 3 modules in the Professional Careers Program of Study course. Completion of the course will take approximately 30 hours.  

For PhDs & Graduate Students
Certification will:

√  Empower you to make informed career choices.
Not all employment opportunities are created equal. Certification prepares you to assess your best career fit where you’ll thrive.

√  Build, grow, and expand your professional network.  
Most people find their job through their network.  Certification will teach you how to authentically build and grow a community that will help you during your career transition.

√  Recognize and articulate your skills to build an impactful career.
We often consider the academic tasks we perform, but not the skills we develop. Certification demonstrates you’ve considered the development of transferable skills and can describe them to an employer.

√  Increase Your Confidence
You’ll be more confident as you navigate the path to employment.  You’ll know what your skills are and the value you bring to potential employers.

√  Expand Your Career Prospects
Completion of the program of study demonstrates to potential employers that you’re committed to transitioning out of academia.

Earned your certificate?

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You will need the certification number from the certificate that was emailed to you. Email to apply for your certificate. 

For Universities

Universities that support graduate student career skill enhancement, identify graduate student experience as a key priority, and include professional development for graduate students in their strategic plans should offer the Certification to their students. Certification is available through the Beyond the Professoriate PhD Career Training Platform.  The certificate:

  • Prepares PhDs and Postdocs for securing employment outside of academia.
  • Creates employable PhDs who can articulate their transferable skills.
  • Complements existing on-campus graduate student career supports.
  • Promotes engaged learning through reflective activities that encourage students to apply what they’ve learned.
  • Offers recorded lessons, reflective prompts, and assessments that guide the student experience and foster user engagement.
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