What's Inside

By completing two programs of study, graduate students explore career options and learn job search strategies to secure employment beyond the professoriate. Our 13 modules feature over 30 hours of seminars taught by experts who possess PhDs in STEM, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Career exploration modules feature over 90 PhDs who have careers in industry, non-profit, government, and higher education administration. When graduate students complete 10 core modules (18 hrs) they earn a certificate of completion.

Program of Study: Career Strategies

Students learn how to launch a successful non-faculty job search. Video seminars are taught by PhD experts working beyond the professoriate. Topics include career exploration, hiring and negotiating, and online job search strategies. Learning prompts help students use their new knowledge.

Program of Study: Career Exploration

Students gain insights from PhDs who have successful careers in industry, non-profits, government, and higher education administration. Through the seminars, students explore career options and learn how PhDs leverage their education for success beyond the professoriate.

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