Programs of Study

Career advice for PhDs, by PhDs. Through the two programs of study in Aurora (Faculty Careers and Professional Careers), graduate students and postdocs are empowered to make informed decisions about their career path and learn successful job search strategies from other PhDs. Students and postdocs access resources to help them navigate the faculty job market, and explore professional careers beyond the professoriate.

Faculty Careers

Professional Careers

Below are sample webinars in each of our programs of study.

How to write a research statement for Academic Job Applications, Brian J. Rybarczyk, PhD
How to Write a Diversity Statement for Academic Job Applications. Amruta Inamdar, phD
How to Use Assessments to Find Your Next Career. Dan Olson-Bang, PhD
How to prepare for a Non-Academic Interview. L. Maren Wood, PhD
HOw to Network Successfully in Academia (And Why you Need To). Jen Heemstra, PhD
How to Network for Career Success. Joseph Barber, PhD
Resumes and Cover Letters for PhDs

Career Interviews & Spotlights

One-to-one interviews with PhDs working beyond the professoriate, organized by academic discipline. Students gain insights from PhDs who have successful careers outside of academia in industry, non-profits, government, and higher education administration. Watch interviews to explore career options and learn how PhDs leverage their education for success beyond the professoriate.

Below are sample interviews and spotlights with PhDs working beyond the professoriate.

Harry Thomas, PhD. English Literature. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chandra Y. Osborn, PhD, MPH. Social Psychology. University of Connecticut.
Michelle Sneck, PhD. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Rice University.
Loutfouz Zaman, Computer Science, York University.
Stevie Yap, PhD. Psychology, Michigan State University.
Research Administration and Development, Lisa Rumiel, PhD
Rachel Fleming, PhD. Anthropology. University of Colorado Boulder

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