How to Attend the Online Career Conference

All ticket holders can attend any or all of the eight conference sessions. Each session will be streamed live via Zoom, our webinar service provider. You will see and hear panelists and presenters, but they won’t see or hear you.

An hour before a session begins, you’ll receive a link from Zoom — click on this link to attend the live session. Each session has a unique link, so make sure you’re joining the correct session.

If this is the first time you’re using Zoom, you’ll download a small browser plug-in. If you have problems installing the plug-in, please contact Zoom. You can also use the Zoom app on mobile devices or your computer. If you don’t have access to the internet during the conference, you can phone in to listen. Details will be provided to you in the email from Zoom.

To ask questions, use the Question feature. You will see this in the Zoom “room” once the webinar has started. You are able to ask questions anonymously if you wish. To make a comment, use the Chat feature. The chat stream will disappear once the session ends, so if you see something in there that you want to save — a useful URL, for example — please copy it prior to the end of the webinar.

Missed a session? No problem! Each session will be recorded and available to stream on our website. (You will need to create a free Vimeo account to do this.) Recordings will be available from May 15th until June 15th.

Have a question or concern? Email

Enjoy the conference!

– Maren and Jen

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