Campus Visit Part 1
How to prepare for your campus visit

  • The Purpose of a Campus Visit
  • The Component Parts of a Campus Visit
  • Tip: It’s All Part of the Interview
  • Tip: Do Your Research Before You Go
  • Tip: Food/Drink During Your Campus Visit
  • Tip: How to Dress During a Campus Visit
  • Tip: Pack a Bag to Carry with You
  • Tip: Expect the Unexpected
  • Tip: Send a Thank You Note

About this lesson

After a successful First-Round Interview, you might be invited to campus. The Campus Visit is typically a 1-2 day trip that is packed with presentations, meals, interviews, and campus tours.

By being prepared, you’ll feel confident. This lesson will help you gather the information and resources you’ll need to be successful in your interview. You’ll learn how to research the department where you’ll be interviewing, make sure you have a professional wardrobe, and the do’s and don’ts of interacting with committee members during your visit.

After completing this lesson, move on to Campus Visits, Part 2: Interviews, where you’ll learn how to prepare for all the different interviews, as well as lessons on The Job Talk and The Teaching Demo.

Workbook Activities

This lesson covers pages 8 to 9 in the Demonstrate Stage Workbook. You can also use the Take Notes widget to complete these activities.  

  1. Take a moment to reflect on the following question: What do YOU really want in an academic job? Your answer will give you a clearer sense of what you should be looking for in a perspective job/department. 
  2. If you have a campus visit coming up, use the checklist provided in the workbook to help you pack a bag that you can carry with you during the day(s) or your visit so you can be well prepared.

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Campus Visit Part 1

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