Announcing Aurora, a New E-Learning Platform for Institutions

On August 1st, Beyond the Professoriate will launch Aurora, an eLearning Platform that provides graduate students with on-demand, self-paced learning modules to explore career options and discover ways to apply the skills acquired through their education.  Aurora is an annual subscription service for post-secondary institutions.

Aurora benefits students and universities by:

  • Supporting graduate student career exploration;
  • Providing accessible, well-curated resources for busy graduate students;
  • Promoting engaged learning through reflective activities that encourage students to apply what they’ve learned;
  • Complementing existing on-campus graduate student career supports;
  • Offering recorded seminars, reflective prompts, and assessments that guide the student experience and foster user engagement.

By completing two programs of study, graduate students explore career options and learn job search strategies to secure employment beyond the professoriate. When graduate students complete 7 core modules (21 hrs) they earn a certificate of completion and a one–year membership to Beyond the Professoriate community, at no cost.  As a community member, students can chat in forums, network with PhD mentors, and attend live events.

Universities are genuinely concerned about student success and recognize that it can be defined in a variety of ways. Typically, success for a PhD student was characterized by securing a tenure-track position in their field. This measure of success is no longer the expectation. An increasing number of graduate students find meaningful employment beyond the professoriate, but often the transition from academic life to non-academic employment is difficult.

Post-secondary institutions recognize this need to support graduate student career skill enhancement. They identify graduate student experience as a key priority and many include professional development for graduate students in their strategic plans. Aurora addresses these priorities by partnering with institutions to support PhDs who want to explore career options outside of academia.

Download our booklet summarizing how Aurora can meet your institutional needs for graduate student success. Please contact us to further discuss a partnership with your institution.

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