After the PhD: Interview with
LaNysha Adams

Dr. LaNysha Adams is a lover of language, data nerd, and a new mom! These days, she runs a coaching and consulting firm that she started in 2016. Edlinguist Solutions helps clients “map adaptable pathways from learning to empowerment.” They coach students and parents on major selection and degree completion, provide parents with the best options for selecting learning environments for their children, insights through qualitative and quantitative analytics, and training and learning design for organizations.

What is the connection between her current work and her PhD? During the PhD she focused on applied linguistics, policy, and education. Now, she helps people overcome bad past educational experiences with Edlinguist Solutions, because the interdisciplinary nature of the business she started is rooted in linguistic issues. Dr. Adams thinks that, institutionally, a lot of people don’t have access to the language they need to succeed in academic settings. Her PhD research – and her current line of work – focused on providing a specific solution to a problem with education, more generally.

What led LaNysha to start her own firm? “Yeah, so, I don’t fit in with the academics at the university,” she laughs. “I just recently figured out how to brand myself as an independent scholar. Really, the coaching part of the firm is the teaching part, which is really awesome.” Dr. Adams began considering other places that she could make an impact, and other environments where she could use her incredible skills.

Watch the whole interview for LaNysha’s advice to current graduate students looking beyond the academy.

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