After the PhD: Interview with Perveen Biln

In our “After the PhD” series, we interview PhDs working outside of academia to learn more about their career paths after completing their doctorates.

Dr. Perveen Biln started her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology knowing that she did not want to be an academic. She successfully transitioned from PhD to postdoc to researcher by staying engaged in her community throughout her graduate studies. With a lot of academic and non-academic volunteer experience, she developed different skill sets and networks which made her a desirable hire for Pfizer Canada – the company at which she currently works.

What does she do now? Currently, Perveen is a Field Medical Advisor for Inflammation and Immunology for Pfizer Canada. Field Medical Advisors provide support to physicians, educating them on the safety and efficacy of different medications and looking for opportunities for partnership and further research. “So every day is different, I can’t say there is a typical day,” Dr. Biln says of her current position. From meetings, to staying up to date on the most recent medical research, Perveen’s career is full of variety.

Career advice for PhDs, from a PhD who’s been there, done that.

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