After the PhD: Interview with Michelle Sneck

How does a PhD transition from adjunct professor in ecology & evolutionary biology to educational program developer? “It’s really about who you know,” Dr. Sneck says. “The more and more success stories I do hear, the more I believe this to be true.”

Michelle Sneck now works as as a bioscience writer for a small public company in Houston. “I ended up here because I really ended up really liking this opportunity and enjoying the types of  things I got to do,” she says.

On a day to day basis, Michelle’s job is very dynamic. From leading workshops to developing online learning, her job allows her to be really creative – something she really loved about being a PhD student.

Michelle’s work now relies on a number of skills she earned during her PhD. Early during her graduate career she realized she might have to diversify her skill set to get a job. While exploring professional development options, Dr. Sneck learned that she really liked education and curriculum development – skills she acquired above and beyond the PhD.

Watch the entire interview to learn more about how Michelle transitioned from an academic career to her current position as Educational Program Developer at BioScience Writers, LLC.

Career advice for PhDs, from a PhD who’s been there, done that. Where will you take your PhD next?

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