After the PhD: Interview with Archi Rastogi

“It’s been a winding journey. It’s been a journey that I couldn’t have planned or foreseen,” Dr. Archi Rastogi says. “But I got here, in hindsight, because of networking.” Archi Rastogi, PhD, earned his doctorate in natural resource sciences from McGill University in 2013. He currently works as a consultant for Universalia Management Group – based in Montreal.

After he decided to start pursuing non-faculty jobs, Archi began networking heavily. A few years back he started a job at the United Nations office in Montreal. By expanding his network, he was able to look for jobs that really piqued his interest and played to his skills. Currently, Dr. Rastogi’s firm advises international governments and multilateral organisations on strategy, helping these governments review their projects and programs, with an eye to revising strategies for the future.

Archi’s advice on how to market yourself on the non-academic job market? “As scholars, we are taught to learn very quickly,” he says. “I could learn very easily – those are some of the skills that the PhD taught me.”
Watch the entire interview to learn more about Archi’s career transition, and check back every week for more interviews with PhDs on where they are finding fulfilling work outside of the academy.

Career advice for PhDs, from a PhD who’s been there, done that. Where will you take your PhD next?
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