Academic Career Success

Sept. 25th & Oct. 2nd

The Overview

It’s our 3rd annual online Academic Career Success conference this year. We want every PhD to feel supported in their career pathway, which is
why we’ve partnered with experts who can help you be successful in your academic career.

This conference is for grad students, postdocs, and recent PhDs seeking guidance in their early scholarly careers. Over the past year, many have asked us questions about coping with burnout and staying motivated after a difficult year. We listened closely to these concerns, and built a curriculum to share tools and resources for supporting students through a successful academic year ahead.

At this year’s conference, our experts will help you:

Attend Live: September 25th and October 2nd, starting at 11:00 AM (ET) both days.
Where: Online! Attend the conference from wherever you are via Zoom webinar. No travel required.
Video Replay: Available with all ticket purchases or Aurora access.
Price: $59 US for All Access (live + replay). 
Who Should Attend: Graduate students, recent PhDs, and postdocs seeking guidance in their early scholarly careers.
Discounts: Discounts are available for bulk institutional purchases of 10 or more tickets. Email for information and sales.

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The Program-At-A-Glance

For full details on each panel including panel descriptions, learning objectives, and speaker bios, please download the conference program HERE.

Day 1: How To Seminars

Graduate school is an excellent time to hone skills that can help you succeed throughout your career. But trying to complete your research, navigate the many facets of being an early career scholar, and/or teach can be incredibly overwhelming. In Day 1 of the conference, learn effective strategies for success in graduate school and making the most of your professional development, without burnout and overwhelm.

11-12 PM ET: How to give more compelling and effective presentations with L. Maren Wood, PhD (CEO, Beyond the Professoriate)


12.15 – 1.15 PM ET: Time and project management with Diane Sepa-Kishi, PhD (Aurora Product Manager, Beyond the Professoriate) and Malisa Kurtz, PhD (Digital Marketing Strategist, Beyond the Professoriate)


1.30-2.30 PM ET: Getting the dissertation done with Dan Olson-Bang, PhD (Director Office of Graduate Professional and Career Development, Syracuse University)


2.45-3.45 PM ET: Building leadership and mentorship skills with Andrew Crain, PhD (Director of Experiential Professional Development, University of Georgia Graduate School)

Day 2: Career Success Panels with PhDs

Come learn from fellow PhDs. Building your academic career can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right resources to guide you. Hear how these PhDs built the knowledge and tools they needed to confidently success in graduate school and beyond.


11-12 PM ET: Making the Most of Graduate School with Rasheda Weaver, PhD (Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and John Laprise, PhD (Market Research Manager at the Radiological Society of North America)


12.15-1.15 PM ET: Building Relationships in Graduate School with Carrie Gillon, PhD (Language Planner and Researcher at Squamish Nation), Trevon Swain, PhD (Chemist, US Food & Drug Administration) and Boluwatiwi Durojaye, PhD (Senior Scientist at Global Nutrition Science)


1.30-2.30 PM ET: How to Decide if a Postdoc is Right For You with Elisabet Perez Coronel, PhD (Postdoctoral Researcher at UC San Diego) and Raul A. Pineda-Mendez, PhD (Postdoctoral Research Associate at Lyles School of Civil Engineering, Purdue)


2.45-3.45 PM ET: Building Skills in Graduate School with Doug Priest, PhD (Empire Fellow, New York State) and Michelle King, PhD (Program Manager of the USABO at Center for Excellence in Education)

What Past Attendees Have Said

"This conference gave me so many great strategies and a feeling that I could manage this overwhelming process. The speakers were down to earth and relatable and gave solid information about putting together packets and about life in academia. It was a great opportunity to get perspectives outside of the faculty in my R1 department."
"I liked the flexibility offered by the online format. I also liked how specific the information was... I hope the conference is offered again so I can attend when I am getting ready to go on the job market! "
"Loved the Academic Job Market virtual conference... yesterday. Learned so much, it should be required viewing for all PhD students. Looking forward to the session in the next week. "

Registration is Closed


Until we see you at the conference!

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