11th Annual Online Career Conference for PhDs


Day 1: What employers value about your degree

Video Chapters

  • [04:15]: Differences between academic and professional hiring
  • [11:35]: What employers value in job candidates
  • [22:33]: How to communicate what you do to employers
  • [31:55]: Exercise: Identifying and describing your skills

Day 2: How to write a resume

Video Chapters

  • [03:03]: The purpose and audience of a resume
  • [09:32]: The contact info section of your resume
  • [12:25]: The professional summary section of your resume
  • [17:02]: The key skills section of your resume
  • [19:28]: The education section of your resume
  • [28:27]: How to write the experience section of your resume

Day 3: How to network when you don't have a network

Video Chapters

  • [02:40]: How hiring works in North America
  • [11:50]: What is networking?
  • [16:37]: Networking at the different stages of a job search
  • [19:05]: Who to start networking with
  • [27:29]: How to setup and conduct informational interviews
  • [37:35]: Other ways to build your network

Day 4: Using LinkedIn in your job search

Video Chapters

  • [02:56]: How to use LinkedIn in a career transition
  • [09:11]: What makes a good LinkedIn profile
  • [11:47]: How to write an effective LinkedIn Headline
  • [14:48]: How to write an effective LinkedIn About section
  • [19:47]: How to write your LinkedIn Experience section
  • [24:38]: Using LinkedIn to gather information
  • [31:06]: Using LinkedIn to network

Day 5: How to find jobs that will give you stability

Video Chapters

  • [10:16]: Why fast growing industries often aren’t better
  • [18:18]: Where you can build skills and experience now
  • [27:11]: How to identify stable career fields
  • [33:40]: Tips for domestic and international PhDs and postdocs
  • [37:17]: Why cultural fit matters in a job search
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