What do you need to move forward in your job search?

Answer these quick questions, and find answers to help you move forward in an academic or nonacademic job search.

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How to decide between an academic and nonacademic career

Every Wednesday in March


Deciding on what to do after your PhD or postdoc can feel overwhelming, even daunting.

In this special training series, you’ll learn how to explore academic and nonacademic careers to identify a path that’s right for you.

How to determine next steps in your academic career

April 5th | 12 PM ET


If you’re nearing the end of your PhD or postdoc, you are probably considering next career steps.

In this webinar, we’ll help you consider if going on the academic job market is the right next step for you.

Why you can’t convert a CV into a resume

April 19th | 12 PM ET


One of the biggest mistakes PhDs make when starting their job search is trying to convert their CV into a resume. 

Join this training to learn why this is the wrong approach and what you should do instead.

WELCOME to the only professional development training platform that helps doctoral students and PhDs successfully transition into academic or nonacademic career paths.

Through two programs of study (Faculty Careers and Professional Careers), members are empowered to make informed decisions about their career path and learn successful job search strategies from other PhDs.

As a member of the platform, you have access to research-based, structured curriculum to help you through each stage of your job search. Video lessons, workbooks, and assessments will help facilitate your learning experience.

Not sure where to start? Explore a theme



  • Key to a successful career transition
  • How to build and grow your network
  • Using LinkedIn to research career options


  • How to write resumes
  • How to modify your resume in 2 hours
  • How to write a cover letter




Jump right in. Start with one of our most popular trainings.

Identify the skills you developed while earning your PhD

Watch this quick training to identify the technical and interpersonal skills you developed during your PhD.

Learn how to write professional resumes for your job search


A CV is NOT the same as a resume. Learn how to write resumes that will communicate your skills, value, and experience.

How to persuade people to hire you (the employer’s perspective)


You need to write yourself into a new career field. So how do you accomplish that? Watch this training to learn more.  

About Beyond the Professoriate

Beyond the Professoriate’s mission is to empower PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed. Our team knows first-hand the challenges PhDs encounter when they leave academia for careers beyond the professoriate. Each of our team members has a PhD, and our founder, L. Maren Wood has dedicated her career to helping graduate students and PhDs find success outside of academia. Learn more about our team.

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