Day 2 preview: Leveraging Your PhD, by Catherine Maybrey

PhDs are all about knowledge. Whether it is sharing knowledge in classrooms with students, or presenting research findings in journals, at conferences, or with peers, it doesn’t matter. Knowledge is king or queen, as the case may be. So what happens when someone with a PhD doesn’t know the answer? It’s no big deal if you get a question wrong on Jeopardy, but when it comes to not knowing what’s next with your career after the PhD, well, that is a big deal. It’s not discussed openly, though. It is the fear that we whisper in dark corners, the conversation that is relegated to the shadows.

It’s time to turn on the lights, people! We all have the same fears and anxieties, so this year, I’m bringing PhD career uncertainty front and center with my Beyond the Professoriate session, Leveraging Your PhD: Identifying Career Paths to Suit You and Your Goals. It’s okay not to know what happens next, or what direction you’ll take, but you will have to do something eventually.

In our time together, I’m going to show you how to explore your career options based on all of the strengths, skills, and experiences you already have. I’ll also share evidence that your PhD has value (you know I love my employment studies!), and provide you with resources for taking those important first steps. Whether you have ideas on potential career paths or you are right at the beginning, you’ll walk away with resources and strategies for moving forward into the next phase of your career.

Catherine Maybrey will present Leveraging Your PhD: Identifying Career Paths to Suit You and Your Goals on Saturday, 13 May, at 11:00am EDT as part of the 4th annual Beyond the Professoriate conference! Register here.


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