How to Find and Land Your Next Great Job

Demystifying the job search process.

Maren and I know from our work with PhDs that there can be a lot of misinformation out there about how to effectively navigate a job search beyond the professoriate.

We want smart, talented people — that’s you — working wherever they can best make a difference in the world. That means both within and without academia. Our Day 2 presentations (on 13 May) will teach you how to find and land your next great gig.

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Applying for jobs is only part of the process.

When it comes to career management, you can’t start too early, and it’s never too late to change up your strategy. Rachel Leventhal-Weiner will break down all the stages of the job search process.

Identify career paths that suit you and your goals.

Catherine Maybrey is one of our most popular speakers. We’re so glad she keeps coming back! This time around she’ll take us through the process of figuring out what works for you, career wise.

Yes, you have to network and market your skills and experiences.

The word “brand” make you cringe? Try “reputation” or “I’m known for…” instead if you prefer. Whatever you call it, successful professionals recognize that understanding their own strengths is a strength. Communicating honestly with potential colleagues, collaborators, and employers is key to building a meaningful, rewarding career.

Join Heidi Scott Giusto (another audience fave from years past), Kristine Funch Lodge, and Jared Wesley for sessions on job documents, interviewing, and networking and branding.

Hiring works differently outside academia.

Josh Magsam’s been part of the hiring process at Discogs for the past four years, a company that’s grown from 12 employees to over 50 of them since he joined the team after his PhD.

He’ll talk to us about how hiring works from the employer’s side, sharing key tips and strategies job seekers can use to up their chances of securing a great position. (Read a preview of this session.)

Need more info?

Just ask! We’re happy to answer emails or jump on the phone (or Zoom) with anyone who wants to talk to us about whether the conference is right for them. Simply respond to this email or get us at

Ready to register? Do that right here!


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