Who’s Coming to the Conference? Fun Stats about Attendees

I took a look at our attendee stats last week and found some expected and less expected things!

Keep reading to learn more about field of study, current position, and country of residence.

STEM, humanities, social sciences, and everyone else.

We asked individual ticket purchasers to tell us what fields they study or studied. We have a pretty diverse group of folks coming. Neat!

  • 28% are in STEM fields, including biological and biomedical sciences, engineering, physical sciences, and others
  • 26.5% come from the humanities (like me and Maren)
  • 24.6% are from social sciences
  • 16.3% indicated psychology
  • 9.8% said education
  • 8.3% said health fields
  • 4.2% come from business and professional fields
  • 4.9% chose other/prefer not to respond

We know these numbers don’t add nicely up to 100%: a bunch of people chose more than one field.

Not just graduate students.

We have some groups of students joining us from the University of Lincoln, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Texas at San Antonio. But when it comes to individual ticket purchasers — who account for the vast majority of our attendees — forty eight percent are graduate students. More numbers:

  • 48.1% are graduate students
  • 16.3% are postdocs
  • 12.5% work in nonfaculty roles
  • 12.1% are part-time faculty members, including adjuncts
  • 10.6% say they are un- or underemployed
  • 8% are full-time faculty members (yup!)
  • 5.3% are self-employed
  • 3.8% other or prefer not to respond

Again, the numbers don’t add up because folks could choose more than one response. Part-time faculty members were particularly likely to do so, which makes perfect sense.

Not just Americans (and Canadians).

We always expect a large chunk of attendees to be based in the United States, and indeed our numbers so far tell us that more than half of ticket holders live there. More interesting? There are people from fifteen different countries attending!

  • 57.8% United States
  • 31.9% Canada (go team!)
  • 5% Great Britain
  • 3% Europe (8 countries in total)
  • 2% Australia and New Zealand
  • The rest are from Brazil, Israel, and Singapore

The conference does target North Americans, it’s true, but we know from past attendees based in the UK and Europe that it’s proven incredibly helpful for them, too.

Is the conference right for you?

We’re happy to help you decide if what we’re putting on will make sense for you. Just ask! Reach me (Jen) and Maren at info@beyondprof.com. Ready to register? Go ahead.


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