Career Day Is Worth Your Time. Here’s Why.

What can you expect on Career Day?

On Saturday, 6 May — the first day of Beyond the Professoriate conference — we’re bringing together 16 PhDs to talk about their careers.

11:00am EDT Careers in Higher Education
12:30pm EDT Careers in Government
2:00pm EDT Careers in Nonprofits
3:30pm EDT Careers in Business/Industry

Our panelists will share their stories and provide advice for graduate students and PhDs navigating the job search process. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, from English to entomology, and political science to psychology. Check out all our speakers here.

–> Register for the Conference

Hear from PhDs working in nonfaculty roles.

If you’ve ever wondered where all those PhDs who don’t work as professors end up, now’s your chance to learn from a bunch of them all at once! All our panelists are keen to share their experiences, to help make your career journeys go as well as possible.

Ask questions before, during, and after each panel.

We’ll use webinar technology so you can comment and ask questions (anonymously if you like) during each panel. We’re also gearing up to launch a new online community, and everyone going to the conference is invited to join — for free! Great for longer conversations and networking before, during, and after.

Get inspired to step up your own networking.

Everyone says you have to do it, but it can be stress-inducing! Our panels are a great way to get a feel for networking, learn about different jobs and industries, and gain the confidence to build relationships with professionals in your own growing network.

Advice from PhDs who’ve been there, done that.

Good intentions are grand, but not everyone around you may be able to give good advice on how PhDs can go about landing jobs they want and build meaningful, rewarding careers beyond the professoriate. Our panelists know what it’s really like.

Any questions? Just ask.

You can register for the conference right here, or email us anytime by replying to this message or writing to Interested in purchasing tickets for your students, postdocs, or staff? We’d love to have you. Read more about group discounts on our blog.


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