Do you want help with your job search?

Are you gearing up or actively engaged now in job searching for non-faculty positions? If so, read on.

The PhD Career Exploration and Job Search Course starts soon. The first class is on Thursday, and there are still spots open.

This course is something I offer with Maren Wood (my partner in Beyond the Professoriate) and Heidi Scott Giusto, another PhD who’s presented at all three of our annual conferences. We launched the course in the fall, and it was a success! So we’re doing it again.

The course takes “students” — who last time all had PhDs! — through the whole process of exploration and searching for a new job or career. We do this in 10 classes that cover everything from identifying your values to interviewing like a pro. Each class is done live, online, and we cap course enrollment to ensure folks have a great experience.

Learn more here. You can download the syllabus.

One of the great things about the course is that it brings together what Maren, Heidi, and I each do best in one package! In my own 1-on-1 coaching, I love working with clients who are in the career exploration phase. That often includes some really heavy emotional stuff, and I really value helping clients navigate that process. So my part in the course is to bring in that life coaching component.

Maren is awesome at getting PhDs to think about their transferable skills in a much more intense way than I’d ever encountered before! She is serious about this and is convinced we have a LOT to offer — but it takes work to dig up this stuff in a meaningful way. Then, and only then, can you start putting together resumes that showcase your relevant-to-an-employer experience.

And Heidi’s the expert I send all my own clients to when they want top-notch job documents and professional coaching for job interviews. In the course she breaks down her writing process, and makes what can seem totally overwhelming into a clear, reasonable, and manageable task. Heidi’s also the queen of handouts!

Between Heidi’s handouts and all our other materials, plus “homework,” this is an intense course. It’s why we record all the classes, so folks can watch them again (and again!) as needed.

One of the things a past participant loved was that the course was also a community. We use Slack to share information and resources, and that means folks can talk to each other — and to us instructors — in between classes. It was awesome to see participants share their work, ask and receive feedback, and keep us updated on their insights and discoveries!

It can take several months to find a job, and even longer if you’re still exploring your options. That’s why it’s important to start this process earlier than you might think you should. If you want to be applying for jobs this spring and summer, now is the right time to gear up for doing that. If the PhD Career Exploration and Job Search Course appeals to you, we hope you’ll join us.

Learn more about the course here. It starts on Thursday, 19 Jan, at 8pm ET (5pm PT), and costs US $995.

PhD Job Career Search


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