2017 Poster

Download our 2017 conference poster to share via email or on social media!

Relevant links:

beyondprof2017.eventbrite.com (register for the conference)
beyondprof.com/2017-conference-program (full 2017 conference program)
beyondprof.com/2017-conference-program/speaker-bios (2017 speaker bios – all panelists and presenters)


@FromPhDtoLife (Jen Polk, conference host)
@DrMarenW (Maren Wood, conference host)

(Download a smaller sized poster, suitable for email or social media sharing.)

Write to us at info@beyondprof.com or email jen@beyondprof.com or maren@beyondprof.com to reach one of us directly.

Thank you for helping us spread the word about the conference to your friends, colleagues, professors, and other professional contacts.