New! Beyond the Professoriate Group Coaching Course

1 course. 3 experts. 10 weeks. Limitless possibilities.

Want expert instruction, coaching, and accountability to enhance your career exploration and job search? This course is for you!

In September 2016 we’re launching a new 10-week course for PhDs and graduate students who are preparing, or actively searching, for new careers beyond the professoriate! This is a joint offering of Beyond the Professoriate’s Jennifer Polk (From PhD to Life) and Maren Wood (Lilli Research Group), plus Heidi Scott Giusto (Career Path Writing Solutions).

Our course will give participants the skills they need to feel confident conducting a non-academic job search. We’re running only two groups, with enrollment capped at 10 people each. Each group will meet for ten hours of instruction and coaching, beginning the first week of September. Class sessions will be live, online, and will be recorded for future reference. Join Tuesdays 12 – 1pm ET or Thursdays 8 – 9pm ET.

  • Week 1 (6/8 September): Identify Your Core Values (Jen)
  • Week 2 (13/15 September): Learn To Talk About What You Do Instead of What You Know (Dissect Academic Career) (Maren)
  • Week 3 (20/22 September): Identify Transferable Skills & Research Career Fields (Maren)
  • Week 4 (27/29 September): Resumes & Cover Letters (Heidi)
  • Week 5 (4/6 October): Inner Critics & Mid-Program Check-In (Jen)
  • Week 6 (11/13 October): LinkedIn (Heidi)
  • Week 7 (18/20 October): Interviewing (Heidi)
  • Week 8 (25/27 October): Networking, Part 1 (Maren)
  • Week 9 (1/3 November): Networking, Part 2 (Jen)
  • Week 10 (15/17 November): Wrap Up (Heidi, Maren, Jen)

Participants will also have access to a private online community where they can interact with the coaches and each other in between sessions.

Emotional Support: Job hunting can be lonely. Leaving academia can feel destabilizing. By joining a group of like-minded PhDs, you’ll connect with fellow academics who are experiencing similar challenges with their transition: grappling with a shifting identity, building a new network, and reimagining their lives beyond the professoriate. Our online community will help keep you accountable, to make sure you get as much as possible out of the program.

Expand Your Network: Group coaching allows you to tap into the network of other people in your group. They can introduce you to people they know and send you job leads. You can brainstorm possibilities together, share resources, and learn from the experiences of others.

Enhance Your Job Search: Heidi, Maren, and Jen will provide you with expert advice and coaching to help you create a successful job search campaign. We’ll give you tools to work through the emotional roller coaster of leaving academia and launching a new career, help you learn how to talk about what you do instead of what you know, and communicate your knowledge, skills, and abilities to potential employers through effective professional documents and by networking like a professional.

Read more or learn how to enroll.

Hope you’ll join us!



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